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Racism is Alive & Kicking (STILL) at Ole Miss


This video was posted by two University of Mississippi students  in response to Ole Miss’s decision to stop playing its traditional fight song From Dixie With Love due to the words chanted by Ole Miss fans at the end of the song.  The words  “The South Shall  Rise Again”  caused some people to feel that the song was supporting segregation. The University decided to stop the band from playing the song during football games.

click here to listen to From Dixie with Love |insert racist chant here|

The two students have since been suspended from the university.

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BGT Thoughts:  Disgusted, yes….suprised, no!

Once again in the good ole state of Mississippi a few of the good ole boys have decided to show their true colors. In response to Ole Miss’s Chancellor Dan Jones enforcing the decision to not play the song From Dixie with Love at the football games due to the words “The South Shall Rise Again” being chanted at the end of the song, these two young men douchebags decided that they would record their thoughts on the decision and post the video on YouTube for the world to see.

Notice how eagerly they say the word nigger, must have learned that at home home huh?

For some people the words:

The South Shall Rise Again

holds no particular meaning, but for those who know anything about The South you know that a chant of those words means, we welcome segregation, bring on the white robes and confederate flags. The saying is defined in Wikipedia as:  A slogan popular with the KKK and other old Confederate factions after the  of American Civil War 1861-1865

 The big problem is not so much with the slogan itself even though it carries along with it a history of hate and racism. It is the idea that those who use it know very well that the slogan is linked to segregation and hate yet they choose to use it anyway. They choose to chant it proudly because of one ultimate reason, and that reason being that they totally agree with what it is linked to. These two students proved that with their ignorant YouTube rant.

Things never seem to change in Cotton Land smh.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, racism is very much alive and kicking. There is always someone ready and waiting to prove it!


My Bernie Moment

6a00d8341caa5853ef00e54f12b2218833-800wiYesterday as I was rummaging through some old photos I ran across one that made me want to immediately tear it up and do some “Waiting to Exhale” type shit. It definitely put me in a Bernie type mood. Sitting there holding that photo I could almost see myself standing outside with a cigarette not giving a fuck lol

     The smiling, or should I say smirking, face on the photo was that of my ex boyfriend James. Even from the photo one could tell that he was up to no good; so why did it take me so long to realize that this man has issues and more issues. Maybe it was his warm embrace or his soft kisses. Maybe it was the sense of security he gave me every time he was around. Or maybe it was that $725 check he wrote for my rent every month, either way I didn’t see through his web of deceit until I had given him my heart, amongst other things.

     James was the kind of man who would make you so mad, then love you so good. He had a way about him that just spoke to a woman’s heart. From the outside looking in you would say “Now that’s a do-right-man.” BUT and I say BUT sternly, because unless you got to know James you would continue to think he was a do-right-man…UNTIL you woke up one morning with a note beside your pillow like I did.

     I remember as if it were yesterday, mainly because it was James’ birthday. He had spent the night at my apartment and when I woke up the next morning he was gone. On his pillow lay a note in pretty, soft paper.  I unfolded it and the first words I saw were “its over.” The next line read, “It’s been good, but sorry it has to end.”

     I KNEW I was dreaming. There was no way in the “real” world that I had been dumped while I was sleeping AND given a damn Dear John Letter on pink stationery. This shit here was impossible. I turned over, closed my eyes and decided that I would take my ass back to sleep so that I could end this horrible nightmare.

     Of course I didn’t actually go to sleep but I did close my eyes extremely tight in hopes that when I turned over there would not be a pretty, pink You Are Dumped letter lying next to me. Of course when I turned over it was still there. Reality set in and the tears began to stream down my face. How could someone be so cold as to dump you while you are sleeping? How could he be that less of a man that he took the time to sit at my desk and write me a Dear John Letter on my own pink stationery. That was cold.

     That day went by for me in a blur. I called James a gazillion times; he didn’t answer once. By the third day my eyes went from being bloodshot from crying to being bloodshot with rage. I had called in to work all three days, so I had plenty of time to sit around the house and mope and cry and cry and mope.

     By day four I was in full crazy woman mode. I would get so mad just pacing the floor that I would need something to tear up and destroy. After I had broken one of my favorite vases and knocked a few knick knacks off the shelf I realized that this was my shit that I was tearing up. Shit that I paid for with my own money. Aww hell naw I had to snap out of that delusional state quickly. I may have been in a crazed state but I wasn’t crazy!

     After calling James a few more times and realizing that he was hitting reject each time I called , I decided I should pay him a little visit. There is nothing more up close and personal than an unexpected visit from a woman scorned who has an ice pick and knows how to use it. I decided that I would call my sister as I drove, just so she could be on standby in case I needed bail money later.

     Of course she tried to talk me out of popping up at James’ home, but this was a trip I couldn’t turn back on. James needed to see me face to face. He needed to see how hurt I was and how hurt he was going to be if he did not get to explaining. As I drove along, I thought of all the things I could possibly do to him. The first list included hitting him in the head with the big stone flower pot that he kept on his front porch, sticking all four of his tires with the ice pick and throwing a huge object that would somehow be in hands reach through his front window. That list sounded good to me until I realized that those things would land me in jail and knowing now that James was low-down, that sucker would press charges. I would be thrown under the jail all because of his pretty ass Dear John Letter.

     As I gathered up ideas for the second list of things, my phone rang. It was my mother.  I should have known better than to tell my sister anything about this. If she hears the word bitch she gets antsy, so I should have known that telling her of my violent plan was a no-no.

     Now I had my mother on the line and she was going on and on about bulldaggers in jail and how she only had $125 in her rainy day fund so I would have to sit in jail a while unless she asked the family to raise money to get me out. Which she then explained would make them want to know why I was in jail, and she would then have to tell them how her stupid daughter went and cut a man for dumping her.

     The next thing I remember is hearing a car horn blaring. I was at the red-light, it had turned green and I was still sitting there. I decided right then and there that I would not go to James’ house. I would not cut him, throw anything at him, stick any tires or burn up any cars (that was on the 2nd list) I would instead, go home, turn on some Anita Baker and accept the fact that James had dumped me with no explanation at all. I would accept the fact that even though I was hurting and angry I could not act on these feelings. I could not have my Bernie moment 😦

     That night I decided that I would watch “Waiting to Exhale.” I would order some Chinese take out, drink some good wine and cry. I would live out my Bernie moment through Bernie’s actual moment. I would allow her vengeance to be mine. Lord knows I wanted to go cut that man, I even had a particular knife I wanted to use, lol, but I knew I had to let go of that anger. I had to accept James for what he was, a pink Dear John Letter writing asshole.

Racism Today (Post 3)


I am beginning to sway towards the belief that a blatant racist is better than an undercover, throw a rock and hide your hand racist any day…. Either way a racist is a racist, but if you have this belief why hide behind the camouflage of sarcasm and idiotic comments.

Have you noticed that both undercover and blatantly racist people can somehow throw Barack Obama into any conversation?

It is quite annoying to me that you can be holding a simple conversation about something as simple and nonpolitical as the weather, and somehow these people (who immediately put it on the table that they are not racist and do not support racism) will somehow throw in their distaste for Barack Obama.  Weren’t we talking about the weather?

There are far more people in the “Rush Limbaugh Is Our Hero” clique than we think or would like to believe and honestly it is becoming more and more disturbing by the day how so many people refuse to own up to their racism. If you dislike Barack Obama because of his race…umm that probably means that you are a racist. So when you say things constantly about Barack Obama in clearly unrelated conversations your racism shines through like a shiny new penny.

African American supporters of Barack Obama have been labeled as extremist.  It has been said by many non supporters that black people have deemed Barack Obama as the New Jesus. Somewhere along the lines our confidence in Obama and our pledged support have been scandalized and wrongly reflected as closely mimicking idolism. These people believe that the majority of black people who voted for and support Barack Obama see him as our savior. That somehow we think he is going to take all of our worries away  and deliver us from the troubles of this world which includes our car note, our mortgage, unemployment, depression, flu, money problems, bad relationships, long term illnesses, unpaid doctor bills, dwindling savings, alcoholism, drug addiction, headaches etc, you get the picture.

Much of this nonsense stems from racist people who instead of stating their reasons for not supporting Obama they turn their distaste towards those that do support him and this distaste is often reflected in their idiotic statements and behavior.

Here is a video from one of the greatest douchebags alive, Rush Limbaugh. This video is a classic example of a racist giving his political thoughts which are primarily based on his own personal racist opinion and not the facts. But honestly this kind of behavior is expected of Limbaugh.  He is one of the most racist men alive and unlike some racist people there is no hesitancy for him to open his mouth and publicly display his ignorance and high level of loserism.

In the video Limbaugh talks about his suspicions of Barack Obama. Would he have been so suspicious had Barack Obama been a white, qualified candidate running for President? Of course not!

Has the church gone too far?

I attend a small Baptist church. You know, one of those small churches that sit on a hill, the ones that make you think of the Color Purple when Shug and the juke joint folks ran down the dirt road to the church where the choir was singing Speak to Me.

didn’t that chile sing that song!

My church is based on what I like to call old time religion. No pop locking because the choir is singing your favorite song, no huge bands playing R&B mixed with Gospel, no songs that straddle the line between secular and gospel and last but not least, no pretense for participation. My pastor will not wear fancy suits and buy a new car every year just to get attention. It is a bible based church and that’s the way I like it.

I say all of that to ask a question, has the church gone too far?

First let me say that this post is in no way meant to offend anyone or personally attack any specific person’s religious preference, place of worship or religious beliefs.

Not too long ago, World Overcomer’s Outreach Ministries Church here in Memphis, TN caught quite a bit of flack for a statue they had built in front of the church. The Statue of Liberation Through Christ cost the church a whopping $260,000.


The 72 foot statue which is a replica of the Statue of Liberty holds a cross in her right hand and the Ten Commandments in her left hand.  You can find the complete breakdown of the statue’s attributes and symbolism here.

Some were outraged by the placement of the statue and called the statue a form of idol worship and proclaimed that the church should be ashamed. My first thought was wow $260,000 that money could have built some low income homes or provided home placement or other necessities to families in need or even a shelter for the homeless….

The same church also came under heavy scrutiny when the pastor and his wife put on a play which sought to teach husbands and wives about their sexual relationships and how to keep your spouse interested. The stage where the pastor normally preaches was set up as a bedroom and the pastor and wife entertained the members of the congregation.

At this point many people felt that it was no longer a question it was true, the church had gone too far!

Then there are the churches that proclaim that the youth must be reached. These churches seem to be willing to bring anything into the church to get the youth to feel welcome and comfortable during worship. They allow things like this to take place in the church:

True, the youth do need to be reached, but is the only way to reach them is to let them lean wit it rock wit in on the church platform?

Along with sex plays and hip hop dancing there is also the lavish lifestyles of many of the pastors that have the eyebrows of many raised and wondering.  A while back WLMT Memphis news anchor Jeni Diprizio covered the story “Preacher’s Pads”  (which I cannot find the article anywhere, still searching though) where she investigated just how large pastors were living. After the research, the conclusion was that preacher’s were living VERY large. They had huge homes, multiple cars and many of the home’s mortgages were paid by the church. This was no surprise to many because they were members at some of these churches were the preachers drove Escalades while the members struggled to pay utility bills. However for some this was even more proof that church is no longer based on religion and worship but for the most part it is just a paycheck for the preacher and an entertainment outlet for the congregation.

Then there is TBN….

It has been around longer than I can remember and honestly the network does nothing for me. I know that they have a very faithful audience, some who contribute dutifully and others who tune in just to hear the word, but personally some of the stuff broadcast on TBN rubs me the wrong way.

There are a list of reasons TBN doesn’t provoke a Hallelujah from me, a few of the reasons include the prayer cloths, trinkets for donations and astonishing healing services I have an awkward feeling towards the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Remember this is the same network in which scandalous Jimmy Swaggart  proclaimed to heal souls and live by the word

did he say he would kill a homosexual????

AND the same network that allowed adulterous Jim Bakker to preach the word for so many years.

With the lavish living, sex in the pulpit and the uncountable number of Unholy Rollers, many people have given up on the church. They no longer believe that it is a place to worship or profess their love for God. These are the people who crinkle their noses at you and quickly say no thank you when invited to worship service. These are the people who believe that religion is overrated and most church services are artificial.

Has the church gone too far?

Racism Today (post I)

A while back I received some not so nice comments from a not so nice person who obviously had serious issues with my outlook on race and racism and the mere thought that I did not see it diminishing anytime soon.  Some of the comments I allowed to be posted, others were deleted due to language or just because they were pure foolishness.

When I said

Racism exists, I know it and you know it. I guess for your sake you would like everyone to agree and sing We Are the World..not going to happen.

The comment was taken as I wouldn’t like to live in a world free of racsim, that folks is untrue. I would love to live in a world where your skin color was not the first thing the interviewer noticed when you entered their office. A world where people didn’t think that even when you had the same credentials as them you were still less qualified and less professional because of your skin color. There are always constant reminders of racism. If for a sheer moment I would drift into a delusional state and pretend it didn’t exist I could open my eyes to a tragedy like this

Murder of 22 year old Oscar Grant caught on tape by citizen

t1home_oakland_bart_giThese posters were worn on the backs of protestors after the funeral of 22 year old Oscar Grant who was shot in the back and killed by a police officer on New Year’s Day. The shot was fired as Grant was already being restrained, face down by another officer. Some of the protestors lie on the ground face down showing solidarity with Grant.




Travesties like this are a constant reminder that this world we live in is not free of racism. Then there are comments like this one taken from an article posted in the San Fransisco Chronicle that prove that even with a life taken, some people still can’t see past color.




1/8/2009 1:09:02 PM
Another dead gang banger…… “Cant we just move along.”

Here is the complete thread of comments from the article about Oscar Grant in the San Fransisco Chronicle.

Over a hundred years after slavery (physical slavery) was abolished me/you/he/them are still seen as just dumb niggers to some people. And honestly those with those tainted, pre historic, immoral, disgusting beliefs are far more in number than we and they would like to admit.


Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away, and that in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty.


Martin Luther King Jr. spoke those words forty years ago, and those words speak to me today. Even though racism exist and it’s proof is clear and evident. We can only hope that its dark cloud will no longer loom over this world and that each and every person will be looked at as equal. I cannot turn a blind eye to racism; neither will I live in a self detained world of mythical belief.

Roland Burris Selected by Gov. Rod Blagojevich to fill Sentate seat

blago_burris_123008Gov. Rod Blagojevich who is currently facing federal public corruption charges stemming from his plot  to auction off Barack Obama’s former Senate seat has selected Former Illinois Attorney Gen. Roland Burris to fill the seat.  The news of the appoinment amidst allegations that Blagojevich conspired to sell the Senate seat to the highest bidder brought on strong criticism from both the Senate Democrats and President Elect Barack Obama.  President Elect Barack Obama has stated that it is disappointing that Blagojevich appointed Burris after he had been advised not to appoint a successor to the Senate Seat. The Senate Democrats have called the Governor’s actions defiant and have stated that they will not admit anyone to the Senate appointed by Gov. Blagojevich.

Was Blagojevich’s appointment of Burris to the Senate Seat legal?

Blagojevich’s selection of Burris to the Senate Seat was indeed legal due to the fact that Blagojevich remains Governor of Illinois and by the law of IL, only the Governor of the state can appoint the successor to the Senate Seat.

Along with the Senate Democrats and President Elect Barack Obama’s displeasure with the Governor’s decision to appoint a successor to the Senate Seat are U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid both of who do not agree with Governor Blagojevich making an appointment to the seat.

The opposers to Blagojevich’s decision have stated that their opposition is not towards the appointee, but the towards Blagojevich. President Elect Barack Obama called Roland Burris a fine public servant, however he stands behind the decision of the Senate Democratic Leaders in their decision to block the appointment of Burris.

Blagojevich has stated that he is required by law to fill the Senate seat and that the people of Illinois would be deprived of their voice in the Senate had he not appointed someone to fill the seat. Blagojevich, who was arrested earlier this month on the charges of public corruption  and criminal conspiracy has not only stated that he is going about business as usual as the Governor of IL but he has also refused any and all advice to step down.

Should Burris have accepted the appointment from Blagojevich?

Roland Burris has asked they he be judged on his own merit and not that of Gov. Blagojevich. Burris stated that he does not look upon the Governor’s problems as his problems and that he has no issue with accepting the appointment from Gov. Blagojevich to serve the remaining two years of former Senator Barack Obama’s term.


BGT Thoughts

Roland Burris stated that he does not fill that his appointment would be tainted by Blagojevich’s problem, however he is definitely placing himself in the hot seat along with Blagojevich; even though the governor does not seem to mind the hot seat one bit. Personally I feel that accepting the position in the midst of the scandal affiliated with Blagojevich is bad business. Burris must know that accepting a seat that the Governor tried to sell to the highest bidder and was advised after being arrested not to fill was not an offer that Burris should have accepted. There has been talk that much of the disdain for the appointment by politicians stems from race issues, but I think that anyone accepting this seat right now would be questioned, criticized and left to face some of the backlash of Blagojevich’s corruption.  Below is the video of the press conference (held after Burris offered himself for the seat (yep didn’t know that didcha and afterBlagojevich selected Burris and even after Blagojevich had been advised not to fill the seat) where Governor Blagojevich and Roland Burris spoke about the appointment and took questions from the media. I won’t say anything about Congressman Bobby Rush  except that sometimes your idea of helping a situation only makes it worse.

Press Conference Gov Blagojevich, Roland Burris and Congressman Bobby Rush

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The Lighter Side of Politics

smirk1Just as I was contemplating blogging about the lighter side of Politics, someone goes and hurls a pair of shoes at President Bush. I Love it!

After I laughed, hard, I wondered why no one came to the President’s rescue after the first shoe was thrown. It was only after the second shoe sailed towards Wubya’s head that his security team took action. And honestly the first shoe was thrown with much more oomph and force than the second one. The first one would have knocked the President the eff out if it had hit him.

It has been stated that the man yelled “This Is Farewell You Dog!” as he hurled the shoes at George Bush.  ((classic I tell ya laughing_roflsmileylj

Here’s the video

 “It’s Amusing” says George Bush when

asked about having the shows viciously thrown at his head

during an Iraqi press conference.

Check out what the President has to say about nearly being knocked the eff out by the pair of size ten shoes.

Then I stumbled upon this jewel today and I must admit that the title of the site alone made me laugh. Who would have thought that there was an entire group of people who felt exactly the way I did about Mr. O’Reilly.  Not only does his smugness irritate me, but the abundance of untruth that he spreads on his show is ridiculous.

Being that I regularly watch Countdown With Keith Olbermann on MSNBC I get all the updates of O’Reilly’s foolishness without having to actually watch what Mr. O’Reilly’s site calls  an “unequaled blend of news analysis and hard hitting investigative reporting .”

This video was  found on Youtube. One of the funniest moments on it for me was when George H.W. Bush got a little tied tongued and almost said that he and Ronald Reagan had some sex…yeah that was quite a slip of the tongue lol

***With the mismanagement of monies, unstable planning and ridiculous future building that this government has become so faithful to, we need something to laugh at every now and then!


On completely unrelated note:

For those of you who love Fox News |yeah right| here are a few links for you

News Hounds

…and just another tidbit to add. I stumbled upon this site today. I’m probably late as  heck, but I had never heard of  I didn’t really have time to peruse the site today, but I will be checking it out soon!