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Racism is Alive & Kicking (STILL) at Ole Miss


This video was posted by two University of Mississippi students  in response to Ole Miss’s decision to stop playing its traditional fight song From Dixie With Love due to the words chanted by Ole Miss fans at the end of the song.  The words  “The South Shall  Rise Again”  caused some people to feel that the song was supporting segregation. The University decided to stop the band from playing the song during football games.

click here to listen to From Dixie with Love |insert racist chant here|

The two students have since been suspended from the university.

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BGT Thoughts:  Disgusted, yes….suprised, no!

Once again in the good ole state of Mississippi a few of the good ole boys have decided to show their true colors. In response to Ole Miss’s Chancellor Dan Jones enforcing the decision to not play the song From Dixie with Love at the football games due to the words “The South Shall Rise Again” being chanted at the end of the song, these two young men douchebags decided that they would record their thoughts on the decision and post the video on YouTube for the world to see.

Notice how eagerly they say the word nigger, must have learned that at home home huh?

For some people the words:

The South Shall Rise Again

holds no particular meaning, but for those who know anything about The South you know that a chant of those words means, we welcome segregation, bring on the white robes and confederate flags. The saying is defined in Wikipedia as:  A slogan popular with the KKK and other old Confederate factions after the  of American Civil War 1861-1865

 The big problem is not so much with the slogan itself even though it carries along with it a history of hate and racism. It is the idea that those who use it know very well that the slogan is linked to segregation and hate yet they choose to use it anyway. They choose to chant it proudly because of one ultimate reason, and that reason being that they totally agree with what it is linked to. These two students proved that with their ignorant YouTube rant.

Things never seem to change in Cotton Land smh.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, racism is very much alive and kicking. There is always someone ready and waiting to prove it!


Medical Marijuana

Montel Williams speaks out on medical marijuana

medical-marijuanadesign1Talk show host Montel Williams has come out and admitted that he uses marijuana as a treatment for his Multiple Sclerosis.  Williams who went public with his MS diagnosis in 1999, has also founded the Montel Williams MS Foundationto further the scientific study of MS in hope of one day finding a cure. Williams has stated that he, just as many other MS sufferers have been prescribed pain medications such as Oxycontin, Percocet and others, and he knows from a personal standpoint how addictive they can be. He says that after a friend told him that medical marijuana could possibly be a successful treatment for the symptoms of his MS, he decided to talk to his doctor about it and now uses the marijuana as prescribed by his doctor. To read more about Montel’s struggle with Multiple Sclerosis and his use of medical marijuana check out his new book Living Well Emotionally: Break Through to a Life of Happiness.

Williams along with others are stepping up to try and reform the U.S. marijuana laws to allow seriously ill patients to use medical marijuana when recommended by their doctor. The Marijuana Policy Project is one of the major organizations rallying against marijuana laws in the U.S. It was quite interesting to view the laws regarding medical marijuana on the MPP site. For the most part, bills have been introduced to the legislator but have not been passed. Another site with great info concerning medical marijuana is Medical Marijuana ProCon which gives the pros and the cons of medical marijuana. The site is not government affiliated and serves for educational purposes only. The site also gives educational information regarding medical information including deaths from medical marijuana versus 17 FDA approved drugs and also has information studying pharmaceutical drugs that are based on cannabis.

Did you know that studies have shown that medical marijuana has been proven to help patients with the following illnesses?

AIDS & HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s and others

This makes it even sadder that the federal government can prosecute medical marijuana patients. Many health organizations and voters are in support of medical marijuana and are striving to pass laws that will protect patients who use the drug under the recommendation of their doctors to treat their illnesses.

Those opposed to changing the marijuana laws have stated reasons such as addiction and criminal activity, but studies show that In the U.S., there are more arrests for marijuana possession each year than for all violent crimes combined so even in its illegal state marijuana is still being grown, sold, purchased and used. Why not reform the laws so that people who need the drug medically can use it legally?

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