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I Have a Problem with Joe Jackson

JJacksonI have a problem with Joe Jackson. No, I don’t personally know Joe Jackson, but in my opinion he is one of those fellas who you can smell the jerk oozing through his pours. I may be wrong, but I believe that having Joe Jackson as a father was a major contribution to Michael Jackson’s “issues”.  I know that MJ fans hate to admit that Michael had some “issues”, but let’s face facts, he did.

I think these issues began way back in the day when Poppa Joe decided that his boys would form a group and make him some money. Joe Jackson claims that the movie  The Jacksons was not a completely true picture of life in the Jackson home, but most people, myself included, believe that Joe was nothing to play with. He claims that he never beat his children  and that as a matter of fact, Katherine, their mother spanked the children more than he did, since he was away from home a lot, working two jobs. I can believe that Katherine spanked….and I can definitely believe that Joe beat.

click here to watch Joe Jackson on Larry King Live.

jjackson1Then there has been Joe’s heinous behavior since Michael Jackson passed away. At the BET Awards 2009 Joe was interviewed on the red carpet and he showed no compassion and honestly seemed as if he had no clue as to how the rest of his family was doing. Neither did he show much concern or signs of grief for losing a son. Not only did he seem detached from the happenings of the family, but Joe seemed to care more about his own “career.” While being interviewed by John Lemon of CNN Joe Jackson went on to give a shameless plug of his new record company and had his publicist to read a prepared statement.

It has also been said that  Joe has approached Michael’s children in an attempt to have them form a music group and do some touring. Joe says this is a bunch of jive, but in my opinion showing no compassion for the death of your own son is more than a  bunch of jive.

Video of Joe on the red carpet acting like a jive turkey.

Regardless of what Joe has to say, there is some underlying reason why his son would write him out of his will. There has to be some reason his wife of over fifty years lives in one home and he lives in another. There definitely is a problem and I think that problem is Joe Jackson!


Cindy McCain talks John McCain, the election & Sarah Palin

“Sarah Palin has been treated poorly”

Well Cindy that is probably because she has scored poorly on every test she has been given by the citizens of the USA and by the press. If you flunk the test that means you score poorly, you score poorly you get treated poorly.

Cindy McCain will be interviewed on Larry King live tonight at 9pm. Even though she comes off as quite a lame brain herself, I guess it would be worth tuning in to see what she has to say about the election, and of course Sarah Palin’s unfair treatment. ||hard roll of the eyes||

Cindy McCain has stated that she feels that Sarah Palin has been treated very poorly by the press. She goes on to say that Palin is an inspiration to many women

||gag|| and which women would that be, the ones who think that it is just fine to apply for a position you know nothing about, make a complete mockery of yourself every time you are asked questions about things you should already know and decide that since you are a whack job (title given by fellow Repubs) you don’t have to know the answers, you can just smile and make stupid sarcastic comments and it will all be okay.

If Sarah Palin has been treated poorly, the items listed below may have something to do with the cause of this poor treatment.

Sarah Palin being interviewed by Katie Couric. Palin was asked about Supreme Court rulings she disagreed with (notice the long hmmm before she starts her answer that wasn’t really an answer. Sarah couldn’t name any..but she disagrees with those that she hmmm doesn’t know about??!!?!)

Sarah Palin giving incorrect description of what the Vice President does; including stating that the VP is in control of the Senate.

Sarah Palin still having no clue as to what the Vice President does. Mind you this is the job she was nominated and accepted the nomination for.

Sarah Palin talking complete gibberish during her interview with Katie Couric. It seemed like she would just throw words off the top of her head, regardless of if they made any sense.

Sarah Palin pranked by the Masked Avengers inpersonating French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Even after the impersonators made statements such as “Nailin’ Palin” and asking Palin if Joe the Plumber is her husband Sarah Palin remained clueless to the prank.


***I am sure there are plenty of other instances of Sarah Palin demonstrating her lack of knowledge and qualifications to be VP, feel free to share***