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You Might Not Really Have Haters IF….

HateradeYou Might Not Really Have Haters IF….

 You are constantly walking around saying it. 

 I probably should have posted this as one of my pet peeve blog entries because this irks me to the 10th power, but nevertheless it had to be said.

In case you didn’t know, the majority of the population is being hated on in some form or fashion…if you let them tell it. They have tons, I mean oodles and caboodles of people who care so much about what they are doing 24/7, 365 days a year that they have labeled them as their fan club of haters. They claim these “haters” are jealous of their success and that each aspect of their lifestyle gives their haters a reason to gossip about them and start drama.

sidenote: oftentimes the success mentioned is nowhere to be found and cannot be recognized. It is only acknowledgeable to the person being hated on.

I for the most part am amazed by the nerve of some of the people who are constantly screaming that they are being hated on. It may be just me, but when you look at them you almost giggle because the first thought that comes to mind is, hate on what? You give them a quick once over and you say to yourself again “Hate on what?” Because for the most part, the main people who claim to have a gang of haters on their trail don’t really have anything hate worthy about them.

If you have all day to walk around acknowledging these so-called haters, what does that say about you? If your Facebook page, Myspace page and Twitter account all consist of you shouting out your haters telling them how much you love them for hating on you, what does that say about you? Im glad you asked 🙂 It may be a sign that you have too much free time on your hands and that you…not the haters….care a tad bit too much about what other people think and do.

Honestly I belive that hater and the variations of it (hatas, hateration,haterade,hatin) is the most abused word of the decade. It is tossed around aimlessly by people who either desire the attention of others who don’t give a damn about them or by people who just want attention. In my opinion people who are the most hated on are oftentimes attention whores.  They wish they had people’s undivided attention. They wish that they were something to talk about, and since they aren’t they have come up with all kinds of idiotic reasons why people are hating on them such as:

They have a nice-looking boyfriend/girlfriend (ok plenty of people have nice-looking boyfriends/girlfriends and yours even cheats so now what??)

They drive a nice car (ok the car lots are of full of nice cars and also a lot of people who have these nice cars have jacked up credit just like you)

They dress nice (ok, everywhere you go you see people dressed nicely, and didn’t you borrow that shirt from your sister anyway??)

They look good (do you really? okaaay if you say so)

…and with my comments they would probably label me as a hater too..whatever!

These are just a few of the lame reasons that the most hated on people of the world give when they go into very descriptive detail as to why people love to hate on them. They have to give a lot of details because it is the highlight of their day to tell others how they are being hated on…AGAIN

insert extra hard eye roll here.. 8-|

BUT…are people really hatin on you or are you just wishing people gave a damn. Think about it.

You might not really have haters if you have to constantly make it the topic of your conversation every chance you get. If you feel the need to say it so much, it might not be true.


Probably Not

57051-bigthumbnail“I will be married before I turn 30.”

…probably not

Sometimes when thoughts of marriage come to mind I get…what’s the word…depressed..yeah that would be it. With so many of my friends and family getting married I sometimes wonder why I haven’t jumped the broom yet. Hell after all, I am all that ..and some! So why is it that my prince charming hasn’t come along and swept me off my feet and allowed me to spread my pretty wings?

Well honestly I think it has something to do with that “and some” that I mentioned in the paragraph above. See I’m a different kind of woman. Yeah I know you guys will need me to explain that, so I will. When I say that I am a different kind of woman, I mean that I’m independent, but not bossy (even though I have been called that countless times) I have a very good sense of humor, but I do know when it is time to get serious. And I overall, I have a positive outlook on life. I also……

love to have things go my way, doesn’t always accept help, even when I need it, can and will cry at the drop of a hat, isn’t always forgiving, isn’t as organized as I should be, can cuss like a sailor who has been drinking Thunderbird

…well you kinda get the picture. The “and some” are just a few teensy weensy things I need to work on. Nevertheless, I am a work in progress and admittance is the first step towards progress.

I used to have it engraved in my mind that I would be married before age thirty, now I can shake my head and say “Probably not.”

This may sound quite ridiculous but sometimes I see married couples and I say to myself, “If SHE can get a husband I know for damn sure I should have been married at age 10.” There have been times when I have just wanted to ask a brotha, ummm how she get you because she is a hot mess. But of course I keep thoughts like that to myself.

I wonder if those kinds of thoughts have anything to do with Black Women Behaving Badly  as mentioned in the August 2009 issue of Essence Magazine. Or maybe it’s  just the women being spiteful and bitter syndrome. I think it may be, because when I heard about the split between “our” Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian I jumped up and yelled “We got one back!”

Nevertheless, I have come to the realization that most likely I won’t be married by thirty as I had planned and honestly I may not even find a good man by age thirty.  

Then there is the question, what is wrong with black men? Why are so many of them playing the field and choosing not to get married.

….I hope you weren’t waiting on me to give an answer because I am also wondering what the problem is.

So for now I will continue to daydream about love while listening to Maxwell’s Pretty  Wings and visualize a time when I will have my own Maxwell, Idris Elba or Reggie Bush (he is off my “humph no he didn’t” list now) or even Trey Songz. He is a little young, but he’ll do!