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Shame on you Jet magazine

bebececeI picked up  a copy of Jet Magazine yesterday, flipped a few pages and before I knew it I was at the end of the magazine. Something was wrong. I knew it felt rather light when I picked it up, but seriously something was wrong.

The magazine is so skimpy now that if you aren’t careful you will miss the four to five pages of actual content. There are more advertisements and subscription cards then there are actual interviews and articles.

Shame on you Jet Magazine! Whatever happened to picking up a Jet Magazine and reading about what is going on in Black America as far as culture, entertainment, news, history, beauty etc. What happened to seeing an eye-catching cover and knowing that you would find a well written story along with tons of other interesting articles? Now the magazine is a thin as a pamphlet. I was shocked when I flipped to read the cover story about BeBe and  CeCe Winan’s  new album Still in the latest issue of Jet and realized that even though the cover story was near the end of the magazine, I only found one item to read before I reached it. Of course there was still the Beauty of the Week and the Black History facts, but where were all of the “other” stories? Why was the cover story the only “meat” of the magazine?”

I do realize that both Jet Magazine and Ebony Magazine are both published by Johnson Publishing Company, but that is no excuse for Ebony Magazine having plenty of content, while Jet Magazine is scarce and skimpy.


Hot Topic: Michelle Obama


 Why is Michelle Obama such a hot topic? The quick and easy answer:

 Michelle Obama=HOT STUFF

(and I don’t mean that in a celebrity, Paris Hilton, omg she’s hawt way)

Michelle Obama is sophisticated hot, she is luminously hot and she is our 1st African American first lady. That in itself is immeasurably hot!

Her charisma, intelligence and style grab your attention; her cause and determination keep your attention at a standstill.

In the history of the United States, I don’t think there has ever been so much talk about the First Lady of the United States. Who ever cared so much about the President’s wife; what she wore, what she said or how she interacted with her husband?

Nevertheless there is constant chatter about the wardrobe of our soon to be First Lady, Michelle Obama. Much so that there is an entire website dedicated to what Mrs. O wears. This site chronicles what Michelle Obama wears and has some great sketch designs of Mrs. O.

Again I ask, who ever cared so much about the First Lady of the country?  Each and every outfit she chooses to wear is under scrutiny by the media.  Each magazine cover she graces is examined, re-examined and then discussed. Each interview she does is closely monitored.




Michelle Obama has graced the covers of quite a few magazines, and if you have ever heard her talk you know that she is the real deal. She is a strong, smart, African American woman…did I forget to mention smart.

Just in case I did forget to mention smart, check out Michelle’s credentials:

besides being a mother, wife and public servant, Michelle holds the following degrees

  • Graduated Cum Laude from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts (1985)
  • Earned her Law Degree from Harvard University (1988)

…..For more about Michelle Obama visit:

Barack  (About Michelle)

Meet Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

No other first lady has been so charismatic, so eye catching and different from the status quo. Michelle Obama is definitely a hot topic and she is well worth the chatter.  Barack Obama will serve us well and Michelle will have his back 100%. Michelle and Barack are my shining star example of Black Love. And BGT Black Love

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