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Shame on you Jet magazine

bebececeI picked up  a copy of Jet Magazine yesterday, flipped a few pages and before I knew it I was at the end of the magazine. Something was wrong. I knew it felt rather light when I picked it up, but seriously something was wrong.

The magazine is so skimpy now that if you aren’t careful you will miss the four to five pages of actual content. There are more advertisements and subscription cards then there are actual interviews and articles.

Shame on you Jet Magazine! Whatever happened to picking up a Jet Magazine and reading about what is going on in Black America as far as culture, entertainment, news, history, beauty etc. What happened to seeing an eye-catching cover and knowing that you would find a well written story along with tons of other interesting articles? Now the magazine is a thin as a pamphlet. I was shocked when I flipped to read the cover story about BeBe and  CeCe Winan’s  new album Still in the latest issue of Jet and realized that even though the cover story was near the end of the magazine, I only found one item to read before I reached it. Of course there was still the Beauty of the Week and the Black History facts, but where were all of the “other” stories? Why was the cover story the only “meat” of the magazine?”

I do realize that both Jet Magazine and Ebony Magazine are both published by Johnson Publishing Company, but that is no excuse for Ebony Magazine having plenty of content, while Jet Magazine is scarce and skimpy.


Jesse, Jesse, Jesse

As he holds a sign that states CHANGE..his actions show us just how much things HAVEN’T CHANGED

Where exactly did these thoughts come from? Is Jesse Jackson harboring ill feelings towards Barack Obama even when he has stated that he supports Obama unequivocally?

Personally I feel that Jesse Jackson sees any intelligent, strong willed, resputable black man as a threat. He secretly despises any black man in an authoritative position because he somehow feels that HE is the black leader, HE is the black authority figure that people recognize and respect and somehow any other black man getting acclaim for his efforts and intelligence is a threat to him.

Fox set him up to win the nationally recognized Uncle Tom award and he won for best performance, but it wasn’t a performance, he wasn’t acting at all, he was speaking from what he knows, he was speaking from how Jesse Jackson feels and even though I hate animosity between black people, I feel that this needed to come out
I still think he has something to do with Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, but with no proof and Jesse standing up for our rights every chance he gets, (blank stare) I doubt anything will ever be proven.


Here is the link for Jesse’s performance that won him the Uncle Tom award
Jesse Jackson comments about Barack Obama