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Booty Shakin…sick of it..did I mention I’m sick of it

Last week I asked my Facebook fam to give me suggestions for my blog. One of the suggestions came from a young lady who, like me, is sick and tired sick and damn tired of seeing booty shakin’ and booty wrangin’ (as my grandma calls it) on BET.

BET has gotten to the point where it is almost shameful. I used to think that maybe the head honchos over at BET didn’t realize that children were watching, but then I woke up and accepted the fact that the head honchos over at BET didn’t give a damn about corrupting the minds of the children that are watching. It is all about the Benjamins and obviously this day and age booty shakin’ brings in lots of Benjamins. The show 106 & Park on BET is geared towards teens, and I swear everytime I see a peek of it (by mistake) somebody is poppin, lockin or droppin. The show has very high ratings, and the children can learn all the hot, new twirk moves from the comfort of their own home. Just flip to 106 & Park and learn how twirk twirk that thang. smh…BET has to do better.

Music videos on BET in my opinion are borderline Soft Porn. The only thing missing is the actual act of sex, even though I am pretty sure that I caught a glimpse of a lil sex in the new Trey Songz video I Invented Sex.

I know many will argue that it is ultimately up to the parents to monitor what their children watch and hear, but let’s get real folks a lot of the music today is filled with pure, unadulterated corruption. There is enough vioence and sex in it to last these children a lifetime.

But let’s take a trip back in time. Do yall remember when Donnie Simpson hosted Video Soul on BET? Now THAT was a music video show.  (I had no idea Donnie was doing this now, just shows I’m not keeping up) I swear BET has soooo fallen off since then. Take a look at what we are now missing because BET has chosen to air music video  programs that for the most part have no sustenance and show black people in a not so positive light.

Donnie Simpson interview w/Angela Winbush (still love me some Angela!!)

Donnie Simpson interview w/ El DeBarge (I love me some El..and I like it and I like it 🙂

Karyn White performing live on Video Soul

Sherry Carter interview w/Envogue

…speaking of En Vogue, whatever happened to female singing groups that had more than one singer that could lead a song? I’m just saying, it’s okay to be able to dance and take care of backgrounds, but what about a group with the total package? Whatever happened to that?

That trip down memory lane makes me even more disgruntled by what you can see on music video programs today, especially those aired on BET. In case you don’t watch, here is what you are missing, but your children are seeing on BET…care to take a look….

Ester Dean f/Chris Brown-Drop it Low  (then even hump the floor on that one) ||blank stare||

Beyonce Kitty Kat  (luv me some Beyonce, but she does too much gyrating and twirking for the kiddos watching)

Along with the booty shaking and floor humping BET also offers a huge variety of music based solely on stuntin, driving new whips and wearing shiny jewelry.  I won’t get into that much because I have discussed it before and it hurts my head to think that so many songs can be written, recorded and made into videos over the same crappy, blingy, stuntin hot mess. ugh

I am honestly thinking of adding BET to my list of things I am silently protesting…well not so silently protesting. But it does mean that I will not watch, contribute funds to, or co-sign on behalf of it once it lands on the silent protest list. R. Kelly has been there so long that he is collecting dust.

I feel that it is time for black music and the lovers of black music to take a stand and bring back the music that we grew to love. Music that touched the soul and Set You Adrift On Memory Bliss. (luv that song to this day) Enough of the exploiting of black women, enough of the cursing and turning every song into a contest of who has the most bling. Who cares?

Whatever happened to music like this…

Zhane-Sending My Love to You

Sure they showed a little skin, but there was no twirking and gyrating. There was no one with a platinum grill in their mouth screaming obscenities and bobbing up and down.

Of course there is still good music out there. Not all artist have the limited talents of only making pop lock and drop it music or rapping about their new chains. Some artists still write from their heart and not their other lusting body parts. The chore is sifting out the crap to find the goodies.


Mo Money Taxes (classic coonery)

momoneyindexMo Money Taxes will never have BGT as a customer. I doubt that they care about lil ole me and my one little tax return, but I am one person who refuses to do business with them. They are on BGT’s silent protest list along with R. Kelly. This list is reserved for anything/anyone who I have chosen not to support. I don’t buy R. Kelly albums; I don’t do business with Mo Money Taxes! I may not go around carrying a picket sign and shouting on a loud speaker (hence it being called a silent protest) but it is definitely a protest.

The commercial below is a prime example of why I frown upon their business

Now some may find that commercial hilarious, but personally I find it derisive. Every year around tax season Mo Money Taxes begins to advertise their services with ghetto commercials that depict black people as low life income tax scavengers. The commercials would leave one to believe that black people live for tax season so they can buy a new car, new bling and get their hair and nails done, oh and don’t forget to buy a new set of discount furniture for their Section 8 home.

Now maybe if this was a one time deal from Mo Money Taxes I could sweep it under the rug as a low budget advertisement attempt, but no they have a new commercial each year at tax time, each one just as disturbing as the year before. Here is another Mo Money Taxes original

||hard roll of the eyes||

Usually I applaud black businesses and support them when I can, but Mo Money gets no money from BGT. I refuse to support their coonery and asinine attempts in drawing in customers with supposedly real depictions of black lifestyle.

The most recent Mo Money Taxes commercial is mocking Tyler Perry’s fictional character Madea. It is in turn called Ma’Madea. This new installment to the Mo Money Taxes commercial collection also draws a snarl from me. 

If there are black people getting a laugh out of this foolishness can you imagine the gut busting laughter that other people are experiencing….

||blank annoyed stare||

R. Kelly Interview on BET (wrong answer)

I watched the interview with R. Kelly on BET  last night, did you? 

Well if you didn’t, you didn’t miss much, well you did miss R. Kelly say some of the stupidest ish I have ever heard in my life (and believe me I have heard quite a bit of stupid bullish in my 27 years of living) What you didn’t miss was any pertinent information concerning the case, any full fledge denials of sexing young girls, you didn’t miss any juicy gossip or reasons why R. Kelly thinks everyone is out to get him. You want to know why you didn’t miss any of those things, good you asked, because I am quite happy to tell you, you didn’t miss any of that because they didn’t talk about any of that.

The 30 minute interview (actually more like 17 mins because of all of the commercials) was basically Toure of BET asking R. Kelly a few simple, easy to answer questions that you, me and even Elmer Fudd could have answered without hesitation, but not Kels. Nope he couldn’t even answer the simple questions with ease. smh

When asked if he liked teenage girls, R. Kelly responded, “how young?” He then questioned what should be considered a teenager and lastly stated that he has 19 year old ‘friends”.  Not the right answer Kels, not the right answer.

Any grown person who did not like teenage girls, and who had been found not guilty of child molestation and pornography charges because they honestly didn’t do it would have given a different answer.  Hmmm let’s see here are a few answers a grown person who did not like teenage girls, and who had been found not guilty of child molestation and pornography charges because they honestly didn’t do it may have given.

  • No I do not like teenage girls
  • No and I have never liked teenage girls except when I was a teenager
  • No I do not like teenage girls and justice was served, I was not and am not guilty of the alleged charges

But not Kels, he had to go and screw up what should have been one of the easiest questions he has been asked in the past 7 years that the charges have been investigated.  Simple question, simple answer, but I guess for R.Kelly there was room for thought on that one.

I have personally been on a “Say No to Kels” silent protest. I have not purchased any of his music and when it comes on the radio I turn from it. Even when one of my ultimate jams came on the other day “Ignition” I remained on my protest and quickly turned the station. I don’t support pedophiles, so he has been on my “shit list” from the moment I came to the conclusion that he was guilty of all charges. And believe me that was way back when the piss first hit the fan. It may have taken them seven years to try him in court, but I came to my decision long ago….the protest continues.

Here is a snippet of the video  in case you missed the little that was revealed. However it is the most crucial part of the interview, the part where Kels says all the wrong things  ***rolling eyes very hard***