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You Might Not Really Have Haters IF….

HateradeYou Might Not Really Have Haters IF….

 You are constantly walking around saying it. 

 I probably should have posted this as one of my pet peeve blog entries because this irks me to the 10th power, but nevertheless it had to be said.

In case you didn’t know, the majority of the population is being hated on in some form or fashion…if you let them tell it. They have tons, I mean oodles and caboodles of people who care so much about what they are doing 24/7, 365 days a year that they have labeled them as their fan club of haters. They claim these “haters” are jealous of their success and that each aspect of their lifestyle gives their haters a reason to gossip about them and start drama.

sidenote: oftentimes the success mentioned is nowhere to be found and cannot be recognized. It is only acknowledgeable to the person being hated on.

I for the most part am amazed by the nerve of some of the people who are constantly screaming that they are being hated on. It may be just me, but when you look at them you almost giggle because the first thought that comes to mind is, hate on what? You give them a quick once over and you say to yourself again “Hate on what?” Because for the most part, the main people who claim to have a gang of haters on their trail don’t really have anything hate worthy about them.

If you have all day to walk around acknowledging these so-called haters, what does that say about you? If your Facebook page, Myspace page and Twitter account all consist of you shouting out your haters telling them how much you love them for hating on you, what does that say about you? Im glad you asked 🙂 It may be a sign that you have too much free time on your hands and that you…not the haters….care a tad bit too much about what other people think and do.

Honestly I belive that hater and the variations of it (hatas, hateration,haterade,hatin) is the most abused word of the decade. It is tossed around aimlessly by people who either desire the attention of others who don’t give a damn about them or by people who just want attention. In my opinion people who are the most hated on are oftentimes attention whores.  They wish they had people’s undivided attention. They wish that they were something to talk about, and since they aren’t they have come up with all kinds of idiotic reasons why people are hating on them such as:

They have a nice-looking boyfriend/girlfriend (ok plenty of people have nice-looking boyfriends/girlfriends and yours even cheats so now what??)

They drive a nice car (ok the car lots are of full of nice cars and also a lot of people who have these nice cars have jacked up credit just like you)

They dress nice (ok, everywhere you go you see people dressed nicely, and didn’t you borrow that shirt from your sister anyway??)

They look good (do you really? okaaay if you say so)

…and with my comments they would probably label me as a hater too..whatever!

These are just a few of the lame reasons that the most hated on people of the world give when they go into very descriptive detail as to why people love to hate on them. They have to give a lot of details because it is the highlight of their day to tell others how they are being hated on…AGAIN

insert extra hard eye roll here.. 8-|

BUT…are people really hatin on you or are you just wishing people gave a damn. Think about it.

You might not really have haters if you have to constantly make it the topic of your conversation every chance you get. If you feel the need to say it so much, it might not be true.


Africa in April

Africa in April Cultural Awareness Festival


africainapril_woman1             africainapril_logo       africainapril_1


The 23rd Annual Africa in April Celebration held in Memphis, TN will take place April 16-19, 2009 in Robert R. Church Park in downtown Memphis. This year’s featured country is The Republic of Mauritania. 

I will definitely be in attendance. I love going out to the festival each year and viewing and purchasing the beautiful paintings, handmade jewelry, clothing, handbags and a host of other rarities. The smell of the delicate incense fills the air along with the great food being prepared by the country’s natives.  The music is vibrant and flowing through the festival by way of the breezes from the Mississippi River. This is an event for the entire family. It is an opportunity for those young and old to get a glimpse of Africa and its major significance to African Americans.

“If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.”
-Margaret Mead

This video has footage of past Africa in Aprica festivals —> Africa in April, Memphis, TN

Here is more information on the featured country of The Republic of Mauritania

National Geographic – Mauritania

Business – The Islamic Republic of Mauritania

I also found this blog on Blogger that has good info on The Republic of Mauritania and some beautiful photos of the country –> Saharan Vibe – Mauritania

Blame Yo Mama

grow-upWhen the blame game begins on why so many men aren’t up to par, fingers are often pointed in every direction. Everyone from the school system to “the man” is given a portion of the blame. The finger I have become more aware of and have to agree is necessary finger pointing is at the mothers of these men.

Many mothers are trying to raise men. Did you get that?

They are trying to keep a finger pinpointed into every aspect of their grown son’s lives and honestly a man doesn’t need any woman to raise him; now a boy on the other hand….

Mothers are also helping (and I use that word for lack of a better one) their sons to make poor life choices. They encourage their sons to remain unmarried, even if he has multiple kids with a woman, has lived with her multiple years and has no plans of leaving her. In many cases his mother will tell him that he is too young to get married, he has a lot of life yet to live and that marriage should not be a hasty decision. Yet, this same mother had no appeals to her son having child after child with this woman without being married. This same mother had no problem with him living under the same roof with this woman for years and share financial responsibility to with her. But when it comes down to marrying her, he is too young and needs to wait. (regardless of his age he is too young and not ready for such a commitment) Even when he makes the decision to marry, his mother is in disagreement, she doesn’t understand why he feels the need to marry this or any woman….

Whatever happened to mothers encouraging their sons to live right? To do right and it will follow you?

Too many mothers are allowing pitifulness to materialize in their sons at an early age and by the time they are teenage boys they are pure triflin’. They want something for nothing and they really don’t have any set plans for their life outside of their mama’s house. They know what they would like to do, but their mother is always there to encourage them that they have plenty of time to think about the future. She is there to pat him on the back and make sure that he knows that he doesn’t have to get a job as a teenager; he needs to concentrate on his studies. No he doesn’t need to take out the trash; he is tired from all of his school work. She makes sure he is comfortable and has nice new kicks because he has to look nice going to school. She washes his clothes, irons them and sometimes she lets him run off at the mouth to her because she understands that school is stressful and instead of getting in trouble at school she would prefer him let off steam at home.

As this boy grows older he has become accustomed to doing…well to doing nothing. He doesn’t have to work and if he does the money is used solely on staying fly. His mother is just happy to see her son happy and her son is happy when he stays fly. 

As this boy reaches what should be his manhood, he is lost. Unfortunately he doesn’t know that he is lost.  And guess who is 91.9999 percent to blame for his misguidance, his mommy…

Even in situations where men have had their fathers present in their life (which we know is sadly a decreasing number) I still see way too many mothers who have just lost all consciousness of morality when it comes to their dear sons. They babied them as babies, they babied them as boys and they baby them as boy men.

A mother’s love is indeed one of the greatest loves of all, but love should not make a mother incoherent to teaching a child right from wrong. Love should be one of the greatest reasons she loves him but raises him as a mother and not a friend. Her parental duties should shelter and comfort him as a child, but manage his life as a teenager and let him fly alone as an adult.

The Holy Bible – How Much Do You Believe?

holy_bibleFirst let me start by saying that I am a Christian. I am saved and believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins and for that I am forever grateful. I take the Holy Bible as God’s holy word.

With that being said, I am putting myself out there by saying that I can honestly understand why many choose not to read or give the Holy Bible much significance.

Now don’t get me wrong, I try to live by the bible as best as I can (many shortfalls sadly) but for those who aren’t committed to the belief of the Gospel then there is undoubtedly much room for scrutiny.

For example many people believe that the events chronicled in the bible are just as sketchy as those described in the theory of evolution. Some take the theory of evolution as solid fact while others do not believe that it is an accurate or complete explanation of how human life began. This too goes for the bible. There are people who swear by the words contained in the Holy Bible while others feel that there may be some truth to the bible, but there is too much room for doubt for them to believe in its entirety.

Some Christians even have trouble coming to terms that every word written in the bible should be taken as truth. They read their bibles, they are taught from the bible in church, yet they still find difficulty in believing and abiding by what the word tells them.

One of the most controversial issues dealing with what the bible actually states is the subject of homosexuality. Many homosexual people (including Homosexual Christians) argue that the bible does not in any certain terms state that same sex relationships or sexual behavior is immoral. They also argue that nowhere in the bible is it written that the scriptures mainly used by true Christians today to note God’s judgment of homosexuality does not relate to homosexuality today, but rather that of the original meaning of homosexuality and therefore does not point out today’s definition and its context. 

Of course those who believe otherwise will generally point out this scripture in the 18th chapter of Leviticus

22Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

…followed by this scripture in Leviticus the 20th chapter

13If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

They will conclude by telling the story of Sodom and Gomorrah

Another small, but often talked about example of what is actually stated in the bible is the art of tattooing and body piercing. Many pastors touch on the topic of tattooing/body piercing somewhere along the way during their ministering. They generally use the following scripture:

Leviticus 19:28 (King James Version)

 28Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.

For some, that is enough to make them believe that tattooing is forbidden by God because but for others that scripture does not exactly state that you should not get a tattoo. Then there are those that have read this scripture, are Christians yet they have tattoos and see nothing wrong with it because they do not feel that is in any way possible to live your life completely as directed by the bible. Everyone will fall short at some point in time, so yes they believe in the Bible but don’t feel that is a realistic thought that  one can follow the instructions for life given by the bible 100%.

I saw this acronym somewhere and it made me stop and think






 If the bible should be the instruction manual of how Christians live their lives, why is it so difficult to believe that even the controversial issues that many see inaccuracy in are true? Could it be that many of those who proclaim to be true Christians are not completely convinced that each word of the book of their God is 100% truth? Or, is it easier to believe the parts that suit you and that you choose to live by while leaving those that are not as convincing behind?

**And for those that may be interested here is what former President George W. Bush who is a Christian said about whether he believes the bible to be true.

**all scriptures noted are from the King James Version of the bible from**


imagesEvery blue moon I check my Yahoo email to see if anyone important doesn’t know that my yahoo email has a miscellany of junkmail, therefore I have a new one and no longer use it. Well it never fails that I have a trillion scam emails in my inbox that will remain their indefinitely because I won’t take the time out of my hectic day to delete worthless emails from spammers.

But I do have a question…

Who actually falls for this crap? I mean seriously who gets an email that says that they have won a million dollar sweepstakes, that they didn’t even enter; and now they only need to send in a check of $1000 to claim their prize. I mean seriously, who falls for bullcrap like that?

Here is the latest of the scams that I received. This one was quite funny being that I just blogged recently about the stimulus checks and how some people were claiming they the amount they received in 08 was now being deducted from their 2008 tax return. Well in this email they are claiming that they can give me a stimulus check! Isn’t that great! lol

The email goes something like this; Dear U.S. citizen

For a limited time we can get you a U.S. stimulus check to spend on household expenses, put in your savings or put away for retirement.

The email then goes on to give me options on the amount of stimulus money that I would like to receive.

Now most of us who have common sense and use it know right off that this is a scam and we wouldn’t dare click any of the links in this email or be foolish enough to try and receive these funds, mainly because as I stated earlier, we have common sense and we use it. We are aware of these scams and hoaxes and know that they are all fraudulent and are set up to take your money. So when we receive these kinds of emails we delete them or have them marked as SPAM.

So with everyone knowing that these scams are out there, why did this woman lose $400,000 after she fell for one of these scams? The woman says that she was in no way a sucker or an easy mark and that she decided to be a part of this offer because the email stated that she would be helping a long lost relative and in return she would receive $20.5 million dollars.

Let’s stop there….

Why would someone need money from you, if they can in return give you millions of dollars? Does that make any sense?

Of course it doesn’t, but not making sense didn’t deter this man from falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book; the pigeon drop. I didn’t know people were still pulling pigeon drops, nonetheless that people were still crazy enough to fall for one. My uncle fell for one in the late 70’s and the story has been told in my family over 20 years, so I have known not to fall for a pigeon drop since I was about four years old.

And even though I can’t say I can fully understand these people falling for scams, I can say that they are more susceptible to these scams due to their age and their lack of knowledge that these things exist. So when these elderly people fell for an over the phone money wire transfer scam, it was more understandable than some who is computer literate and should know better.

Maybe those people should have read thisOr checked out what the FBI had to say about internet fraud. Then they would have been fully aware of the fact that when you win something you don’t have to pay. Now that may seem like common sense, but far too many people are falling for these scams for common sense to be in use.


Here is just a bit of advice from me to you. If you receive any emails, phone calls or solicitations that start with the following wording or any variation of it, please know that it is a scam. Feel free to delete it and avoid being scammed.


Dear Sir

First we must solicit your confidence in this issue. This is by virtue as being utterly confidential and “top secret”.
Lagos, Nigeria.
Attention: The President/CEO
Dear Sir,
Confidential Business Proposal

Having consulted with my colleagues and based on the information gathered from the Nigerian Chambers Of Commerce And Industry, I have the privilege to request your assistance to transfer the sum of $47,500,000.00 (forty seven million, five hundred thousand United States dollars) into your accounts.<<<SCAM>>>



“It is my pleasure to share with you a business opportunity, in which I would like to transfer a sum of money from a bank in (Japan/Nigeria/any of the 50 states/hell any damn where it’s still a scam) where I worked. If you are interested in this business opportunity, please kindly reply


***Please remember that if it seems too good to be true, 99% of the time it is too good to be true. The other 1% will never happen to you anyway so take them all for what they are SCAMS!

Mo Money Taxes (classic coonery)

momoneyindexMo Money Taxes will never have BGT as a customer. I doubt that they care about lil ole me and my one little tax return, but I am one person who refuses to do business with them. They are on BGT’s silent protest list along with R. Kelly. This list is reserved for anything/anyone who I have chosen not to support. I don’t buy R. Kelly albums; I don’t do business with Mo Money Taxes! I may not go around carrying a picket sign and shouting on a loud speaker (hence it being called a silent protest) but it is definitely a protest.

The commercial below is a prime example of why I frown upon their business

Now some may find that commercial hilarious, but personally I find it derisive. Every year around tax season Mo Money Taxes begins to advertise their services with ghetto commercials that depict black people as low life income tax scavengers. The commercials would leave one to believe that black people live for tax season so they can buy a new car, new bling and get their hair and nails done, oh and don’t forget to buy a new set of discount furniture for their Section 8 home.

Now maybe if this was a one time deal from Mo Money Taxes I could sweep it under the rug as a low budget advertisement attempt, but no they have a new commercial each year at tax time, each one just as disturbing as the year before. Here is another Mo Money Taxes original

||hard roll of the eyes||

Usually I applaud black businesses and support them when I can, but Mo Money gets no money from BGT. I refuse to support their coonery and asinine attempts in drawing in customers with supposedly real depictions of black lifestyle.

The most recent Mo Money Taxes commercial is mocking Tyler Perry’s fictional character Madea. It is in turn called Ma’Madea. This new installment to the Mo Money Taxes commercial collection also draws a snarl from me. 

If there are black people getting a laugh out of this foolishness can you imagine the gut busting laughter that other people are experiencing….

||blank annoyed stare||

Searching the Black Girl Thinking Blog

allaboutmelargeOne of the major things I like about WordPress are the blog stats.  Before joining WordPress I had no clue as to who was viewing my blog and what they were looking for, but now with WordPress I can see how many people are lurking and get somewhat of an idea of where their lurking began.




With blogstats I now know that people come to the Black Girl Thinking blog  mainly to find

Sarah Palin porn||blank stare||

Sure I know that many people enter a string of search terms in the search box, but it is always quite funny to view my blog stats and see searches such as these

  • black girl thinking spanked (haha that one is hilarious…not gonna find that here folks OR anywhere else)
  • cornrows and sex
  • old sperm
  • hot israeli girl
  • white woman marry kenyan prince
  • reasons to beat your wife if not smoking

The last one is hilarious! As if there is ever a reason to beat your wife. Obviously someone has some curiosity about spousal abuse.

Regardless of the cause of the visit I am always appreciative of those that stop by. Whether the visit is to find information on Barack Obama, to see what I thought about the R. Kelly interview that should have shamed Kels but didn’t or to read about me being spanked I am thankful for the stop by. Each and every visit is appreciated!