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biggerbirdrb9This page is dedicated to my randomness. Things that I have to put somewhere, so what better place than here. Just ramblings and randomness of my daily life and other little tidbits.




 11/11/2008   BGT: Beyonce’s new song If I were a Boy took the thoughts right out of my head and the words right out of my mouth. Has Beyonce been reading my personal diary??

The first time I saw the video, especially the role playing part where she is acting just like a man, I mean down to the stupid answers that somehow make sense to Beyonce really got this one right.

So many times I have wondered how it would feel being a man instead of a woman. Being able to do as I pleased and not give a damn whose feelings were hurt in the process. Being able to get up and go when I wanted to, tell lies for no reason and not want to be questioned about those lies.  Maybe just maybe if were a boy I could understand how they can do the things they do to the ones they love or claim to love and have no afterthought as to their wrongdoing. Maybe if I were a boy I could understand how the things that were major to my woman were so minor to me…maybe… many times I have wondered what it would be like to be a boy.

Here is the video


12/1/2008   BGT: I have been bamboozled by Sonics. If it weren’t for my having to return to work I would have taken my ass right back up there and comfronted them with what they call their “large chili cheese fry.” Well let me correct that, I would have confronted them with the empty container of the supposedly large chili cheese fry because even though the word large was a stretch, they were indeed tasty and I finished them rather quickly.   I’m crying foul on this one, that was more like a small instead of a large!!!


01/26/2009 BGT: Ummm no..that is the first and only thing that came to mind last night while watching Teena Marie sing His Eye is on the Sparrow at BET’s Celebration of Gospel.

BET Celebration of GospelI can always get down to some Square Biz or Lover Girl, and Portugesian Love is one of my favorites, but Teena Marie and His Eye is on the Sparrow was a hot mess.  It was almost as bad as when she and Rick James sang Fire and Desire at the BET Awards in 2004. I do say almost, because I haven’t seen a performance that ridiculous since her and Rick did that number in 2004, but this one was almost up there with it.


02/13/2009 BGT: I am seriously beginning to smdh at the cabinet chosen by my (our) 44th President Barack Obama. I may blog about this at a later time, but as for now I’m just watching as another and another bites the dust..again smdh

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  2. I’d like to comment on your blog about wandering what it would be like to be a boy Mona. It’s all well and good to want to be a boy, but It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. See, I was a boy for a very long time and it was just as Beyonce discribed it. Although, she was discribing a BOY!!!!!!!!! and not a man. A man feel and is hurt. He is convicted by his consciousness when he re-lapses back into his boyish behaviors. He can come and go as he pleasses, yet he would rather please his lady by either inviting her, telling her where he is going or staying in with her all together. A man is committed to his family and not his boyz. So, in closing it was good to be a BOY, but it’s great to be a MAN.

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    • BooYAh
    • February 4th, 2009

    I wonder what type of work you do? You seem so savvy about computer stuff! I love your blog!

    • BooYAh
    • January 29th, 2009

    hi BGT
    You are quite an impressive person!

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