About this blog

This blog was created with the intent of me having a place to jot down the many thoughts that occupy my brain. The word kaleidoscope means: a continually changing pattern of shapes and colors 

With the ups and downs of life, things are continously changing.

There is always so much going on that sometimes we can’t and don’t stop to look at all the pretty colors, and by that I mean all of the positive things life has to offer. So even though we may not have the colorful part of life at all times, we can remember that like the kaleidoscope life is full of colors, seasons and changes. They are not all good, but they are not all bad. Enjoy the colors.

Just a tad bit of info for those that may read this blog, get it twisted and think this is the story of my life. I won’t really care if you do 🙂 but just in case, you may want to read the Facts & Fiction of this blog before you jump to conclusions.

 Here are the facts and fiction of this blog

It will be based on my personal life-FACT

It will be based solely on my personal life-FICTION

It will include posts that have nothing to do with me-FACT

It will dicuss a wide variety of topics-FACT

I may get angry and just rant here some days-FACT

Some posts may be strictly for laughs while others may be informative-FACT

I will promise to update this blog everyday-FICTION

I will try to update this blog as often as possible-FACT

I will feel obligated to admit which portions of this blog are portions of my real life-FICTION

Because I use any of the following words in a post means it has to be about my real life or events of my life(I, me, my life, my day etc. you get the point)-FICTION

….I guess that about raps it up. Now that you know what this blog is about. Stop by as often as you would like. Feel free to comment (no admin approval before comments are posted)  Add me to your blogroll, bookmarks or favorite links 🙂


***If you would like to contact me please feel free to leave a comment below and it will be forwarded to my email. I will respond as soon as time allows***







    • kathy sawyer
    • January 26th, 2010

    To Black Girl Thinking,

    I was completely taken back by your statement regarding the Danielle Malmquist story. Mothers do loose custody due to extreme power and control. My ex is a pilot for a major airline and I am a flight for the same airline. I lost custody also due to the amount of money I was up against. I am a very good mother. Many flight attendants have been bullied by their husbands that are pilots and threatened that if they leave they will lose their children. This has been going on for a some time now. Please do more research before making statements that can be harmful to many of us that are trying to get our stories out to the public. Thank you for your time.

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