Rocky Mount Murders Go Unsolved and Unpublicized

Rocky Mount MurdersTen women in Rocky Mount, North Carolina have either been found dead or have vanished. Are they the victims of a serial killer?

This is a story I heard about via a friend’s Facebook page. I was appalled that so many women have either gone missing or been found dead in this small town and I have not heard about it once on the news.

Rocky Mount has a population of approximately 60,000 people and is what most of us would consider a small town. The population is 40% White and more than 50% black. Many people in the town believe that this is the reason the vanishings and murders have not drawn much media attention. All of the women missing or slain are black. Many of them have criminal backgrounds which include arrests for drugs and/or prostitution. This, many believe, is the cause of the lack of attention by law enforcement and the news to these cases.

 How is it possible that ten women are either dead or declared missing in a town of only 60,000 people and the news not be all over this story?  We all know that when stories like those of  Laci Peterson and Jessie Marie Davis took place, CNN and every other news outlet flooded the airwaves each and every day with live coverage of the stories. So why isn’t that the case for Rocky Mount, North Carolina? Why are these tragic events not being broadcast day and night? Why aren’t Nancy Grace and Katie Couric giving us the latest information on these stories?

Could the answer possibly be BLACK and WHITE?

Both Lacie Peterson and Jessie Marie Davis were white, so was Chandra Levy. The stories of these women were aired constantly on the news. Everyone knew about them because everyone heard about them. BUT  Jarneice Hargrove, Yolanda Lancaster, Taraha Nicholson and the other seven women missing or either found dead along rural roads in Rocky Mount are all black.

The residents of Rocky Point are frustrated with law enforcement’s efforts (or lack of ) to find the person responsible for the crimes. Many believe that a serial killer is targeting their town. The police have stated that they have not found that the murders are all related, therefore they have not concluded that this is the work of a serial killer.

Regardless of the how they lived their lives; the women missing or murdered in Rocky Mount deserve justice. Color should not be an issue. Each and every case should have as much importance as those of the white women killed that the nation got the opportunity to hear about daily.

To read more about this story, click here or visit the Rocky Mount Telegram to follow their updated stories.


Stephanie Jones who knew two of the murdered women, founded a group called Murdered or Missing Sisters to publicize the Rocky Mount muders.

    • James,Nassau,Bahamas.
    • November 1st, 2009

    This lack of coverage rather reminds me of Hassani Campbell, who is a five year old black child who suffers from cerebral palsy and allegedly went missing after his foster father left him by his parked car as he opened a shop door.He was the last person to see the child alive.He failed a polygraph test,which incidentally,his wife refused to take and the police found text messages from him threatening to abandon the boy at the city’s(Oakland)transport system.He was subsequently released due to lack of evidence and the police are not now even actively investigating the case!It was briefly reported on Nancy Grace but I guess the political mileage was zero as it has not been mentioned since.

    • maplesyrup21
    • October 26th, 2009

    that’s interesting !

    • AJeaL
    • October 24th, 2009

    Where is CSI when their needed? Oh, that’s only television

    • Black Girl Thinking
    • October 23rd, 2009

    thanks for stopping by Raven
    Today was the first time I ever heard of this story. I was able to find quite a bit online about it, but as far as it being televised like some of the other cases, that definitely is not happening. Maybe you are hearing more because it is local for you.

  1. I live in the Western part of the state, (about 6-7 hours from where these murders have taken place, and I have heard about it on the news alot over the last 2-3 months.


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