Get Yo Husband!

Marriage Ain’t About Shit!

adultry-tourismOr at least that’s what a married man told me yesterday AFTER he asked for my phone number and AFTER he admitted to being married. This was BEFORE I said “No thank you, I don’t date married men.” and BEFORE I wanted to throw up in my mouth at this po pimp wearing Air  Jordans.

You could tell he thought he was hot stuff, but honestly the only two people who believed he was hot stuff were most likely he and his wife. And if she knew he was standing here smiling like a Cheshire cat, trying to obtain a mistress, she might view him differently also…or maybe she wouldn’t.

So many women these days are so happy to have a man…any man…that any kind of ole triflin behavior is accepted. I don’t know if this “acceptance” by wives and mistresses is part of the reason so many men are stepping out, or if too many men just aren’t taking their marriages seriously. Whatever the cause, I wanna scream “Get Yo Husband!”  ugh…

It seems to happen to me quite frequently. Someone’s husband approaches me looking for a good time, I see a ring on his finger and give him the big N-O. I know it may be a rarity these days to find a woman who will turn down a good time with a married man and whats in his wallet, but this chicka will pass on enjoying anyone else’s husband.

The Po Pimp who approached me yesterday obviously felt his nice, clean Jordans could possibly sway me to hop aboard his adultery train, but he had the wrong sistah. Not only do I not want any kind of relations (sexual or non sexual) with anybody’s husband, but I am utterly annoyed when someone’s husband approaches me and has the nerve to admit they are married and then casually say “But that doesn’t matter.”  They admit to being married, but like this Po Pimp they say either their marriage is on the verge of ending or that marriage isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. Negro puhleaze you all say that. But I wonder if you relay these same tidbits of information to your wives. They proclaim that  they won’t out, but they have too much responsibility tied to the marriage., BUT they say, those things won’t affect what we could have.

It sure won’t because we WON’T have anything. BGT says no to riding the married man train.  I also say no to po pimps, married or unmarried lol

sidenote: you gotta love Urban Dictionary’s 2nd definition of Po Pimp –>a po pimp is a pimp with no money and some busted, loose, broke ass hoes.  

LMAO…hilarious…but oh so true!

  1. I guess it works more times than it doesn’t. I often wonder why people even get married if you don’t really want to be in it. If it limits what you really want to do then why do it.

    Either way you aren’t alone in your thinking it’s just the ignorant speak louder!

  2. You’d be surprised what folks deal with just so they won’t be by themselves…that is, if they KNOW what’s going on.

    But it sounds like this dude is just doin’ this shit for the hell of it. Just to see if his Pimp Game is still strong..or lack thereof.

  1. October 25th, 2009

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