Pet Peeve #001

Pet peeve #001

eyeclipartif2People who stare into your car as you sit at the red light. Ugh that irks me to the 10th power.

Now I don’t mean to come off as some meany with road rage, but staring in people’s cars as they sit in the lane next to you is annoying. I don’t know if people do it out of habit or because they don’t really realize they are doing it (yeah right, like you don’t know you have your googly eyes glaring at a person) But I absolutely hate to feel someone’s eyes on me as I sit waiting on the light to turn green. Sometimes I give them the “UGH what are you looking at” face. Other times I try to ignore it, but the lady in the blue Ford Taurus took me to a whole new level with this pet peeve.

Have you ever been driving along and it seems as if one car in particular is following you. You know that most likely they aren’t following you, just going in the same direction, but each turn you make, they make it also. Each yellow light you speed on through, they are close behind.

Well the lady in the blue Ford Taurus was my follower for about ten minutes one day. I was kind of annoyed that she wouldn’t get in the other lane or take some other route to her destination, but who am I to make her alter her driving? Finally after what seemed like forever she changed lanes, and I had to look over at her to see who this bitch was lol (yeah I know that was mean, but hell she was purposely trailing me and not getting over) So I look over and she is a middle aged black woman with one of those little beanie hats on. She looked over at me and the stare she gave me said “What, you wanna laugh at my beanie hat?.” The light changed and we both went through, but from that point on each light we got to she would stare at me with her beanie hat slightly tilted on her eyed. It was obnoxious. I wanted to slap it off.

Two more lights, two more stops with her and the hideous beanie hat. Goodness I was annoyed. Just her eyes glaring and the beanie hat looking like it would topple off of her head at any moment had my nerves on edge. I needed to change lanes. So I change lanes and get behind her. Then I could feel her looking at my in her rearview mirror. It was soooo obnoxious. Either I would have to slow down and lose her or she would need to take off that beanie hat, something had to give.

I knew she wouldn’t take the hat off, so I decided to slow down and get some distance between us. It worked until I got to the final red light before I was to make my turn. I look over and she is right beside me again, beanie hat still tilted, eyes still glued on me. I flipped her the bird and zoomed off. Was that mean? YES But her staring problem combined with a hideous, tilted beanie was even meaner.

  1. I’m into pet peeves and pet hates too – big time! If you’re interested, you might check out my cartoon blog at
    Cheers, Sheila

    • Black Girl Thinking
    • October 20th, 2009

    Kiwi I wanted to slap that damn hat off her head lol

  2. LMAOOO @ the beanie! You a trip!

  3. I’m not going to front, I’ve peeped into a car or two. Most of the time that I do peep into a car, the driver is in the pedestrian walk area with their car. So I’ll look at them like they just ran over someone’s household pet.

  1. October 14th, 2009

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