1/2 man half something or another

FEB072098_hi_CIVIL_WAR_FALLEN_SON_WOLVERINEThe single life is one turbulent fight that only the courageous should take on, and even they should approach it with their head gear and full body armor. What should be simple and fun, is for many of us painful and at times greatly annoying.

Personally I have sworn off dating until God sends me a man worth dating. So far I am almost 3 months in on that plan and needless to say I am still waiting.  I made this decision when I kept meeting one specific kind of man, I like to call him “half man, half something or another”. This breed is becoming more and more common on the dating scene and sistahs I want to tell you, if you are not careful you will waste countless months being involved with him before you realize that something just isn’t right. The main reason you won’t recognize his “something or another side” is because he will be fun. He will be charming, and unlike many men he will be a great listener. He will buy dinners and hold doors, he will send cute little texts during the day and even offer to run errands for you. Sounds good doesn’t it?  Sounds like you have found a good man. A man that you wouldn’t mind investing more of your time with and maybe, just maybe giving your heart to.

Months will go by and you will say “Dang, something must be wrong, either this man is hiding something or this man is hiding something.” and guess what…ditto…you have hit the nail on the head. Not only is he hiding something, he IS SOMETHING. He is half man half something or another. He can lie without blinking an eye. He can sleep with you at 10pm and go sleep with someone else an hour later. He can kiss you so softly and make your whole body tremble and then do the same thing with this long time girlfriend. He has super whoreish powers!

Once you come to the realization that you have been dating a psychopathic liar and that you want no part of him, he will then flip the script and play the victim. He will try his damndest to convince you that you should give him another chance because you know that you liked the way he made you feel, and honestly you did. He will go so far as to beg, cry, plead and even do whatever you ask of him, just for another chance. And when I say anything I mean anything. This half man half something or another is as nasty as they come and even though he puts off the appearance that he has the upmost respect for women that too is a lie. He can’t respect women because he doesn’t respect himself.

So now you sit back and actually contemplate giving this man another chance. You think about how loving he is, how he caters to your every need and how he is always there when you need him. Eventually you fall for the trap. You get wrapped back up in his wickedness and VOILA he pulls his magic trick again. He is able to make love to, wine and dine and keep a smile on the face of various women, each one crazy enough to fall for his trick over and over again.

Didn’t I tell you he had super powers?

I label him half man-half something or another because he has all of the qualities that a real man has.  He makes his woman feel as if she is the most beautiful creature God ever created. He takes care of home and his charm and romantic qualities are on point. However, the part of them that is exceedingly whoreish is what adds the label of half something or another. I would like to say half dog, but most times a dog’s bark is worse than his bite, but in this case his bite is deadly.

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