Mo Money Taxes (classic coonery)

momoneyindexMo Money Taxes will never have BGT as a customer. I doubt that they care about lil ole me and my one little tax return, but I am one person who refuses to do business with them. They are on BGT’s silent protest list along with R. Kelly. This list is reserved for anything/anyone who I have chosen not to support. I don’t buy R. Kelly albums; I don’t do business with Mo Money Taxes! I may not go around carrying a picket sign and shouting on a loud speaker (hence it being called a silent protest) but it is definitely a protest.

The commercial below is a prime example of why I frown upon their business

Now some may find that commercial hilarious, but personally I find it derisive. Every year around tax season Mo Money Taxes begins to advertise their services with ghetto commercials that depict black people as low life income tax scavengers. The commercials would leave one to believe that black people live for tax season so they can buy a new car, new bling and get their hair and nails done, oh and don’t forget to buy a new set of discount furniture for their Section 8 home.

Now maybe if this was a one time deal from Mo Money Taxes I could sweep it under the rug as a low budget advertisement attempt, but no they have a new commercial each year at tax time, each one just as disturbing as the year before. Here is another Mo Money Taxes original

||hard roll of the eyes||

Usually I applaud black businesses and support them when I can, but Mo Money gets no money from BGT. I refuse to support their coonery and asinine attempts in drawing in customers with supposedly real depictions of black lifestyle.

The most recent Mo Money Taxes commercial is mocking Tyler Perry’s fictional character Madea. It is in turn called Ma’Madea. This new installment to the Mo Money Taxes commercial collection also draws a snarl from me. 

If there are black people getting a laugh out of this foolishness can you imagine the gut busting laughter that other people are experiencing….

||blank annoyed stare||

    • Black Girl Thinking
    • January 4th, 2010

    @ Sean G thanks for stopping by and commenting…but…
    You say that they are one of the most successful Young and Black Owned companies in America, and that may be true, but these commercials are classless and show no reflection of smart, respectable business men. They have loyal customers, but for those of us who like to see black people succeed and shine a brighter line on the black community businesses like Mo Money Taxes just don’t do it for us. Instead of shining a bright light they stereotype black people as money hungry income tax scanvengers..smh

    • Sean G!
    • December 27th, 2009

    Y’all niggas DMNDS!!! Hate’n on one of the most successful Young & Black owned companies in America! Now who are the real COONS! (Y’all sum dumb ass niggaz)

    • lexluthor34
    • January 30th, 2009

    i get you girl i get you. dont get me wrong i know its ok to laugh at yourself but sometimes it gets to the point of ridiculousness (<- my word) i mean some things are ok but these ads are like 7th grade cheesy lol thanks for the comment btw hope to see some more of you on my page and hulkhatetimetravel….. peace!

  1. The first time I saw their commercial 2yrs ago after moving to Memphis I was appalled. They have done nothing but to prove just how stupid some of “us” are. I would suspect that these are the people who frequent their establishment. Hell I heard they’ll even find kids for you to claim only to get you audited years later.

    Pure Niggerdom at its finest!

    • Wizzy Jr.
    • January 28th, 2009

    Well, I have people in my family who do taxes and I gonna learn how to do them my DAMN self. Hell, puttin’ out that money to pay THEM (and H&R block is expensive as HELL! I know because my Godmother is an accountant and does this kinda thing) I could use for something else.

  2. @Margaret

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    I totally agree, and if H&R Block would run commercials like this people would take offense, but some of these same ppl who would take offense laugh at this idiotic commericals by Mo Money Taxes.

    • Margaret
    • January 28th, 2009

    I’m proud of your silent protest. I grew up in Memphis, and still consider it home. I am not black, but find these commercials offensive for all low income families. I don’t see how someone that has a job as serious as handling the tax refunds of people an make such light of the situtation. I have a sense of humor, but if H&R Block started running such inane commercials I wouldn’t use them either. It would seriously make me wonder about their credibility, and ability to represent me in the case of an IRS audit.

  3. Hey BGT…

    I can see your point. I watched the first Mo Money ad you posted and that was enough for me to see how they typecast people.

    I cannot speak as an African American because I am not. From the standpoint of who I am though, I do not like to see low standards set for anyone. This is the feeling I get from the ad. Encouraging a fairly low goal. “We’ll get you money fast so you can blow it on shallow vain consumer products and services becaus that is how stupid you are”.

    It strikes me as opportunistic.

    I an sure we can all do better than that.



  4. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

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