Teen Pregnancy-Post 1

belly-brownTeen pregnancy is on the rise….

I am pretty sure everyone is aware that teen pregnancy is on the rise. Everywhere you look there are babies having babies. I can speak personally on the topic because I was a teen mother. I got pregnant with my oldest son my senior year in high school.

One of the biggest disagreements I have when it comes to views of why most teen girls get pregnant is that they were somehow influenced by the media…I do agree that the media; including videos, television and the music industry play a major role in how teenage girls and boys view sex and their personal identities, but I disagree when it comes down to media influence and the actual act of having unprotected sex resulting in pregnancy.

For the most part I believe that teen pregnancy is the  result of carelessness and being irresponsible.  Unprotected sex is not the main result of media influence, unprotected sex is the main result of being irresponsible due to lack of knowledge or lack of putting the knowledge into play.

When teenagers are acting irresponsibly and having unprotected sex I can guarantee that images like the one below is not what is going through their head at that very moment.


In the heat of the moment they aren’t concerned with how hot Britney Spears looked with her big belly or how fierce Halle Berry looked soon after she gave birth. No, they are concerned with having sex, nothing more, nothing less. 

True their paths before making the dangerous and immature decision of having unprotected sex may have beenfilled with consumption of half naked young ladies gyrating in music videos, or watching television shows and reading countless magazines that publish articles on hot pregnant celebrities, but that alone is not why teens are having unprotected sex and having babies.

Many of these teens who are having unprotected sex are not facing reality when it comes to what the act of not using protection can cause. Sure they know about sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, but they still don’t always use protection for numerous reasons.

  • One reason being that they really don’t take protection that seriously.  They know that it is important but for them using protection each and every time they have sex is not a mandatory or necessary step.
  • Another reason is that many of them are putting ill fated trust in their partners and in their self. They are under the pretense that their partner is clean and that they both know how to not get pregnant even when not using protection. That may sound ridiculous, but it is reality. Many teens are using the “pull out” method also known as the highest baby making method to date. They are under the false assumption that a young man can pull out of the vagina before he ejaculates. This method is being used by countless numbers of teens, most of whom have or will soon come face to face with teen pregnancy. 
  • Others are not using protection because they really don’t feel comfortable buying condoms or talking to their parents or other adults about birth control because that means they are admitting that they are having sex. Instead of facing facts and getting the information and guidance that they need they sneak around and have unprotected sex putting their self at risk for STDs and unwanted pregnancies, along with tons of emotional stress.

The statistics show that teen  mothers are 40% more likely to

*drop out of school

 *end up single mothers

I wholly agree. I was a teen mother who had to drop out of college after the first semester, forfeiting a full scholarship. I also fell into the category of single parent by the age of 24.

An article published with stats from the CDC  on teen pregnancy rates states that  Mississippi has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation, followed by Texas and New Mexico. All three states have high numbers of teen births with the majority of the pregnancies being African American or Hispanics.  The article also states that; “Some conservative organizations have argued that contraceptive-focused sex education is still common, and that the new teen birth numbers reflect it is failing.”

I agree. The sex education classes offered in schools are a complete mockery.  Most teens are unfortunately learning about sex from their peers and from personal experience. They are not being informed in their schooling the hard hitting facts about sex, sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy. They don’t take the classes seriously and the information provided in the classes is just the basic, these are your reproductive organs and information on body image. This information is informative, but not practical for teens that know what sex is, want to have it and know that they like it.

I was surprised to read that in some states two types of sex ed are classes being offered in schools depending on  what the state or local school district mandates. Both seem much more effective than the general Lifetime Wellness classes that many of us took and never thought twice about.

Even with these classes and some schools offering condoms, the rate of teen pregnancies is still on the rise, even more so for the Southern region of the United States. Personally I don’t know what can be done, when the information is readily available, there are countless forms of birth control and the evidence of the effects of  unprotected sex is in plain view for those who are taking the risk. Yet, teens everywhere are still neglecting to use protection.

This video really touched me. It reminds me so much of when I was a young mother and faced the reality that my baby depended upon me for everything that he needed. I knew that I had made a mistake that could not be changed, but the love I had for that little boy filled my heart enough that I could get over my mistake and try to be more for him and for myself.

Teen Pregnancy Post 2 to include the topics of 
(peer pressure, baby fascination 
parental involvement and generational teen pregnancy)
    • Jemima
    • March 23rd, 2009

    Very good post BGT. Sex is seen as a right these days, not the privilege it was meant to be. Sex was designed to make babies! The fact that it was enjoyable was a bonus. Today, pregnancy is seen as an unwanted side effect of a person’s sex life. When God’s law stated that sex was reserved for married people who were committed to each other for life, it ensured that children born to them had a mother and a father who would be there together to see them through their life as a team. Ideally this was a wonderful arrangement. But human selfishness got in the road. People wanted to do things THEIR way, not God’s way. How has this attitude turned out for many people nowadays? We have fragmented families, unhappy children torn between two waring parents (sometimes more) and a string of unhappy relationships in a completely no win situation for anyone. Monogamy protects you from STD’s and the heartbreak of broken relationships. People are too quick to abandon their partners. In this throw away society it’s easier to ditch the relationship and start a new one. No one seems to want to fix the problems.
    The only way to solve this dilemma is to go back to God’s way……but I don’t think we should hold our breath waiting for that to happen. Do you?

  1. Yeah..A lot of teen pregnancy now a days because curiosity and being irresponsible by themselves..Sometimes parents will blame their self of what is happening about their child but the fact is to accept what the child had done.

  2. Thank you for the helpful information. I bookmarked your site, and I hope you keep up the good work on making your blog a success!

  3. I agree with you that teen pregnancy is not the result of media. The main reson behind this problem is lack of knowledge . So as a parent, you have to discuss on this topic francly with your teenagers

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  5. Thanks FU

    I agree that many parents are simply not doing their part when it comes to educating their children about sex. They simply aren’t taking the time to be truthful and to allow their children to talk to them about whats real when it comes to them and sex and what they are actually doing. They should let them talk about whats real instead of what the parents want to hear.

  6. Hey BGT! I think you are absolutely right in that teens are not having unsafe sex due to the media’s influence. I think for the most part, parents are to blame. Parents who either want to believe that their children won’t have sex, don’t feel comfortable speaking to their children about sex, aren’t around, or just don’t care enough. When parents realize that their kids are going to have sex no matter what they say or do, they can then take it to the next level of explaining what happens when they have sex and if and when they do, these are the ways to protect themselves.

    I also think that the media does play a major part in the way young girls see themselves and how young boys think they are supposed to act. Just from watching videos, movies and televison, it is real easy for young girls to take on the idea that they have to be pretty and having sex means you’re ‘cool’ or that you’re pretty because boys like you and want to have sex with you.

    Schools are failing children and teens on every level and especially when it comes to sex education. I think in general teen pregnancy is on the rise because there is failure on level in regards to teaching responsibility and the signifigance of sex and how it can affect your life both positively and negatively.

    Thanks for sharing your story. You are an example that while teen pregnancy is rough, you can still come out on top and be a fabulous Black Girl Thinking!

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