The Lighter Side of Politics

smirk1Just as I was contemplating blogging about the lighter side of Politics, someone goes and hurls a pair of shoes at President Bush. I Love it!

After I laughed, hard, I wondered why no one came to the President’s rescue after the first shoe was thrown. It was only after the second shoe sailed towards Wubya’s head that his security team took action. And honestly the first shoe was thrown with much more oomph and force than the second one. The first one would have knocked the President the eff out if it had hit him.

It has been stated that the man yelled “This Is Farewell You Dog!” as he hurled the shoes at George Bush.  ((classic I tell ya laughing_roflsmileylj

Here’s the video

 “It’s Amusing” says George Bush when

asked about having the shows viciously thrown at his head

during an Iraqi press conference.

Check out what the President has to say about nearly being knocked the eff out by the pair of size ten shoes.

Then I stumbled upon this jewel today and I must admit that the title of the site alone made me laugh. Who would have thought that there was an entire group of people who felt exactly the way I did about Mr. O’Reilly.  Not only does his smugness irritate me, but the abundance of untruth that he spreads on his show is ridiculous.

Being that I regularly watch Countdown With Keith Olbermann on MSNBC I get all the updates of O’Reilly’s foolishness without having to actually watch what Mr. O’Reilly’s site calls  an “unequaled blend of news analysis and hard hitting investigative reporting .”

This video was  found on Youtube. One of the funniest moments on it for me was when George H.W. Bush got a little tied tongued and almost said that he and Ronald Reagan had some sex…yeah that was quite a slip of the tongue lol

***With the mismanagement of monies, unstable planning and ridiculous future building that this government has become so faithful to, we need something to laugh at every now and then!


On completely unrelated note:

For those of you who love Fox News |yeah right| here are a few links for you

News Hounds

…and just another tidbit to add. I stumbled upon this site today. I’m probably late as  heck, but I had never heard of  I didn’t really have time to peruse the site today, but I will be checking it out soon!

    • Wizzy Jr.
    • December 17th, 2008

    I’m just mad that dude missed. HEHE.

    But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this AIN’T the first time Bush had some shit thrown at him. You can see that in the way he ducked. It’s like his Spider sense started tingling or something.

  1. @Dorothyzbornak

    It was hilarious, and so unexpected. Who would have thought we would turn on the news and see something so funny…yet well deserved lol

  2. I heard on NPR yesterday that the big joke everyone’s texting each other in Iraq is that people are required to take their shoes off as a security measure now.

    I kinda want to shake that guy’s hand for giving us such a hilarious, awesome moment.

  3. I hope Obama’s Secret Service detail responds quicker than Bush’s detail. Honestly, I thought it was funny. It has been said that the man who through the shoe is now considered a hero in Iraq. It would be real funny if people sent President Bush shoes for Xmas.

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