Sorry To Be The Bearer of Bad News

Sorry to be the Bearer of Bad News

…but not everyone is cut out to be an entertainer.


 The bad news first: You suck. Yes, this news will probably leave you crushed and confused. You have always dreamed of making it big. You have been waiting years for your big chance. Sadly you would have been waiting forever on that big chance.

The good news: You can now stop making an ass of yourself. You now have been formally told that you don’t have what it takes. Now you know, and the saying goes “If you know better, do better.”

I know that news is devastating for some, but honestly it needed to be said.  Too many people are allowed to believe that they are great singers, dancers, comics etc. when they honestly aren’t. They may have a talent, but the one they choose to display is not it. Sadly, their friends and family members don’t want to kill their spirit and crush their dreams of superstardom, so they lead these people on, allowing them to think that they are the bomb like tic tic.

The truth hurts smiles_407

Take many of the contestants who were kicked to the curb on American Idol. The public show of (un)talent exhibited each season is hilarious. Then when they are told by the judges that they just aren’t up to par you see the (un)talented person storm from the audition room and outside the doors stand their support system; their friends and family members who were rooting them on. They stand there holding their breath, nervous as can be, waiting as if they believed the person would make it through. Bullshit! They sound horrible at home, so what, do these people believe that there is something special about the American Idol casting that will bring out some hidden potential in this person.

Here are few clips of American Idol Rejects that made me chuckle profusely.

(note the first chick..her mom says she has the whole package..a damn shame mom..a damn shame)


And who could forget Margaret. I was ——–DEAD——– when she said she was 26 years old

Of course we know that some of these people only try out for their moment in the spotlight, a chance to have their face shown around the world, but some of these people really think that they have talent, and I honestly I don’t blame them (well not that much) I think their peers deserve at least 75% of the blame for not telling them the truth. True some of them could care less about the truth, but dammit at least they would have been told by people who cared.

And let’s not forget about the people who Think They Can Dance. Many of them have also been allowed to believe for many, many years by friends and family that they are dancing machines..


Here is SEX (yes this guy actually calls himself SEX) from the show So You Think You Can Dance

***think being the keyword***

side note: this is completely irrelevant to his dancing, BUT was I not the only one who did not find one tiny thing sexy about this guy..nothing that even whispered sex? I dunno, maybe he has another reason for the nickname that I know he had to have given himself lol

*oh and just a tiny note on rappers- Not everyone should try to be one. I guess it may just be a fad, but 9 out of 10 guys you meet these days say they are a rapper. It has become so common now that I believe them. I know that sounds crazy, but I used to think to myself, now all of yall can’t seriously be rappers. But with it happening so often I believe each and everyone who tells me that they are a rapper. Truth or not, I’m sick of hearing it so I just believe them. And let’s not even begin with the middle age men who suddenly desire a rap career…quit it people Sheesh!


One more video for the road…

note he says he can do special moves lol..okaaay yeah those moves were quite special

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