From Gay To Straight-Is it Possible?

mencolorsCan a gay person become straight?

That question has been asked by many and answered with 100% proof by none. Some people believe that homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle. Those people believe that desiring the same sex is a conscious decision and is not something a person is born with. They believe that the homosexual tendencies are driven by a person’s own desires and have nothing to do with their genetic makeup. Others believe that some may choose a gay lifestyle but others are born gay. They feel that with the discrimination and ridicule that homosexuals often face, most don’t and wouldn’t choose a lifestyle that would knowingly bring them so much anxiety and ridicule. 

So the question is still posed and both sides still stand strong on their beliefs of whether homosexuality is a decision or if the lifestyle chooses them and not the other way around. 

I was completely wowed by this video taken from the Tyra Banks Show. On this episode Tyra talks with two men who went through extensive therapy to try and convert themselves from gay to straight. The video also talks briefly about the group Love in Action  which seeks to help homosexual people to find freedom from the desires of the homosexual lifestyle through Jesus Christ. The group believes that the power of Jesus can rescue anyone from any behavior, compulsion etc.

After a little internet browsing and searching, I found quite a few sites other than Love in Action, that desire to help homosexuals who have “Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions“.  These groups offer solutions for healing, books, cds, and other services that profess to help people who wish to rid themselves of their homosexuality or homosexual tendencies.

My question is this; if a person can rid them self of homosexuality, isn’t that a choice? If you can choose to no longer want, desire or act upon homosexual activities or lifestyles did you not choose to act, desire and live that way before?

I do not have the answer to whether or not homosexuality is a choice, or if some are born that way, but I do believe that if it is something you can change, it is something you chose.

  1. This is tricky Mona. By what you’re saying (which makes sense)being gay is a choice. But see, these people who are trying to cross back over are screwed in the head. In truth, they really don’t know who they are. I mean lets be honest: does our sexuality define who we are as people? Nope it doesn’t, and thats what character is for.

    I would say that studies have shown that its not necessarily a choice. Its been shown that there are things that can happen in the womb which creates this sexual identity. I know it sounds crazy but right now I’m too lazy to go get the links which discuss this.

  2. @Everyonesister

    I too have met ppl who were actively involved in church or raised in the church, but because of the church’s beliefs they no longer attend or they continue to attend and grow more and more negative towards their self perception by the day.
    They have been taught and have lived to believe one way all of their lives, yet the feelings they have are the exact opposite of what they have believed was right for so long. They have constant inner turmoil

    • everyonesister
    • November 19th, 2008

    i have met both. people who believe they have born gay, and those who chose to live a gay-lifestyle. and i have also met people who were gay and came to a point in their relationship with God (and not a program) and have said that they were “delivered from it” – their words. and i’ve met those who have stepped away from their faith because they feel that the church causes them to hate themselves. i say all of that to say that the gay population is multi-faceted.

    • Wizzy Jr.
    • November 19th, 2008

    I wrote a blog about this one my page a few weeks ago, I think.

    I’ve actually seen it happen. A girl I went to High school with was a lesbian and ever took a girl (Who could PASS for a dude) to our prom. She’s now dating dudes…again. There’s even talk of Marriage for the both of them. You can change almost anything about yourself if you WANT to.

    • Colby Johnson
    • November 19th, 2008

    This is a excellent questions which inspires great controversy. Because of my personal convictions and religious persuasion, I believe homosexuality is wrong.

    In this life we are all tempted in a variety of ways and we all seem to have our vices.

    While researching this issue I came across an interview on this topic. It is pretty long, but I found it very insightful and helped me understand the issue better, especially from the religious perspective.

    Check it out at

    Colby Johnson

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