Sex Offender (Rights)??

sexoffendersregistry-220x165Today I was reading my news feed from My Eyewitness News  and I read an article about a most wanted sex offender that was captured here in Memphis. He has been on the run since 2006 from Boston, MA where he was charged with fondling a child. He was also charged with violating the rules of the sex offender registry, which most likely means he failed to register and/or keep his information updated.

I check the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry  or the Family Watchdog sex offender site on a regular basis for two main reasons:

  1. I want to know what sex offenders live in my neighborhood, near my son’s school and any other location I frequent (you can search by zip code and street address/name)
  2. I want to know if anyone I know is listed as a sex offender (you can do searches by last name only or first and last)

In my opinion the Sex Offender Registry is a great tool for citizens because pertinent information is provided. The public has every right to know if a child molester or rapist is living next door to them or within walking distance from their child’s school. We have every right to know who they are and where they are.

If it weren’t for Megan’s Law, the public would still be left in the dark as to what violent sex offenders are lurking right under their noses. Even though there are plenty of them who are either unregistered or have never been convicted, at least there is a system that tracks those who are registered. For those that don’t know about Megan’s Law, here is a link that will provide more info. (Megan’s Law) Megan’s law was created after the murder of 7yr old Megan Kanka who was killed by a twice convicted sex offender who moved to her neighborhood. Megan’s Law is basically designed to provide the public with information on potentially dangerous sex offenders in their neighborhoods/communities etc. After Megan’s Law was passed, thus came the sex offender databases, in which people could search the online databases for sex offenders in their zip codes/cities/states.

However, many sex offenders have a different view of these registries. They feel that their right to privacy is being violated due to their information being on public display in the database. Many say that they have been harassed, attacked and some even run out of town all because they were listed as a sex offender. They feel that the laws do not protect them against these personal attacks, because the registry is open to the public and accessible for all to see.

On a personal note I believe that every sex offender who is convicted should be automatically registered in the databse before they leave the court house, police station etc. They should not leave it up to these scumbags to register on their own. True, they may not have the correct address information, but they will have their fingerprints, photo and other pertinent information if these criminals need to be found in the future. As for these convicted rapists and other sex offenders who feel violated, who gives a damn. You violated someone when you sexually assaulted them, so why do you feel that anyone should even consider your rights. Once you committed the crime, the information became part of public record. That means it is open for the public to view. I know it may be embarrassing to have your name, address, photo and other personal information logged into a database under the title of Sex Offender, but that’s what you did, you committed a sexual offense so why be embarrassed, ashamed or hurt by the title. You earned it..wear it!

The nerve of someone who has forced them self on someone and taken away their sense of security and in many cases scarred them for life to scream victim. The victim is the person you attacked, you are the suspect/convict/criminal, not the victim. Your rights to privacy were terminated when you decided to take something that did not belong to you. I have no sympathy for these predators who see something and have no problem with taking it. The public needs protection from criminals like this and the sex offender registry is very beneficial in helping the public to know what persons in their vicinity has committed these crimes in the past, because in many cases they will committ them again. The public has the right to be informed!

  1. @Ricky

    I completely understand that there are many people who are forced to register that really shouldnt be deemed as sex offenders.

    I have a friend who was dating a young lady, he was 21 and he thought she was 19 because he believed what she told him. She ended up being 16. He had picked her up from her parents home plenty of times, but in the end charges were pressed and he is now a sex offender. His face is on the internet and he has the sex offender label.

    So yes there are people who unfortunately are placed on the sex offender list.

    BUT what about all of the people who committed heinous sex crimes and are REAL sex offenders. When I did a search of my area there were 3 ppl listed for aggravated prostitution, which means they knowingly have HIV and are spreading it via prostitution. I also found over 6 people who have more than one rape charge. There were also 2 ppl who had multiple sexual battery charges and a few with continous child abuse charges.

    Those people are dangerous to our community.

    Of the thousands listed, I doubt that the majority of the offenders have unfortunate cases.

    The registry is a needed asset. It is for the public’s protection FROM these kind of dangerous criminals.

  2. Black Girl, Wizzie,

    Of course, you can complain all you want about sex offenders.

    Before you generalize, though, please read these two links:

    Woman ruled she can’t live in house for sex act she did with a classmate more than a decade ago:

    Also, please review who is considered the WORST of the WORST in Oklahoma: A teenager who at age 16 had sex with another girl who claimed she was 16, but was younger…

    The bottom line: yes, many individuals on the registry have committed bad acts, but really: is pornography, internet stings, or staututory rape of teens among the same magnitude as REAL rape of children, molestation of kids, or anything done in a physically violent matter? THAT was what the registry intended to do, but for now, it’s essentially equated the two individuals you see in the two links I gave you with John Couey.

    And THAT is what I consider the real crime. The registry exists for public shock more than it does for real, rational approach to the entire issue of sex offender.

    For more rational stories, go to

  3. Babe, Just as Jesus died for ours sins, He died for THEIRS, too.

    Having said that: Once you let your dick, pussy or twisted mind talk you into doing something so disgusting and down right SICK, you have no rights any more. Of course, you deserved a second chance to redeem yourself and your entitled to forgiveness. Everybody deserves that….but there are just some things you have to deal with because you were stupid enough to do something and didn’t think you’d get caught and DID. Such is life.

    Oh, and I agree with you with the system doing it. They should automatically do the shit when they get locked up and while they’re in holding in that damn cell.

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