Damn Pets ***eye roll***

no_pets_allowedIt is in no way my intention to disrespect pet lovers or their furry friends. But I would like to say


Ok there, I got that out of my system. I am definitely not a pet person, but for those who love pets I have no problem with that. But I do have a problem with the following things

  • Pet owners bringing their pets to work
  • Pet owners allowing their pets to wander into other people’s yards or private areas
  • Allowing your dog to run through the park unleashed and then yelling to strangers that he/she doesn’t bite
  • Carrying pets into inappropriate places in cute little dog/cat carriers

Now let me explain my grievances with the above issues. First and foremost I do not believe that there is ever an appropriate time for anyone to bring a pet to work. There should be no such thing as Bring Your Pet to Work Day. The workplace is not a place for animals unless the business is affiliated with animals, other than that pets should be left at your home or wherever else you choose to keep them, NOT at work.  A few years back while I was working with a department that shared a building with several other departments someone in the department in the west wing of the building decided that they would bring their dog to work with them one morning since they would only be in the office for a few hours. What goes through a person’s mind when they decide to bring a full grown Black Labrador  to work with them is beyond me, but nevertheless she brought the dog to work unleashed. ||blank stare|| She did have sense enough to keep him in her office, and the only time the dog had to frolic was when she was readying to leave, he decided that he would sprint down the hall to check out the layout of the building. But I will add that he was well behaved, because when his owner called him he sprinted back down the hall to her and they exited the building.

Now imagine this scenario from the other employees of the establishment. You are sitting in your office reading your emails and suddenly a black lab dashes down the hall and then sprints back again.

..truly unprofessional and in my opinion the pet owner should have been called in the office on that one, but nothing was done. Neither was anything done when an employee brought her cute, fuzzy wuzzy kitten to work that she had received as a birthday gift.

…again unprofessional and inconsiderate. Many people have cat allergies, yet here she was frolicking up and down the halls of the building with a cutesy kitten in her hands.

Then there is that thing that dog owners do that irks me to the highest power. You know that thing when their dog charges towards an innocent person who is horrified of dogs. The owner 99% of the time will yell ‘Oh don’t worry, he/she doesn’t bite.” Bullshit!!! No one wants to hear that lameness when your dog has them hemmed up at the park and they are about to wet their pants. That line is not acceptable. Oh and btw, not everyone likes dogs so maybe you should think about putting him/her on a leash when you are in public places. Just as you would like to enjoy your trip to the park, so would the people who are minding their business in the park and don’t care so much for dogs.

Also it has come to my attention that many pet owners are choosing to bring pets into establishments that they know damn well are not pet friendly. Such as the beauty salon. Thank God I was not on hand the day one of the stylist brought a puppy to the salon that I frequent. From what I was told she had the puppy in her purse and he had a case of the sniffles. The puppy sneezed and sniffled the entire time he was there and quite a few customers were disgusted by his being there. The stylist who brought the puppy in went about her business seeing customers as her puppy sneezed himself away in her huge purse. After about two hours of this madness one of the other stylist decided to call the shop owner, who in turn called the puppy owner and asked her to take the pup out of the salon. This angered the stylist who says the pup wasn’t feeling good and that he didn’t need to be home alone and his presence wasn’t hurting anyone. She refused to take the pup home.

A few other places I have recently heard that people have brought pets in via cute pet carriers or oversize handbags are: the grocery store, Walmart and an after care program for children. Maybe these pet owners felt that bringing pets into these businesses was acceptable since there was no sign stating no pets allowed, but common sense takes you a long way and as a pet owner you should use it and realize that pets don’t belong everywhere you go. Regardless of how cute your doggie carrier is, bringing it into an inappropriate place is not cute at all!

Pet owners love their pets, some cherish them. They expect people to respect their fuzzy friends, but pet owners should take more than their pets and their love for their pets into consideration. They must realize that not everyone is a “pet person”. Not everyone wants to be friendly to your Chihuahua or kitty cat. Some people want to go about their business as if your adorable pet isn’t even there, but they aren’t allowed to do so because you are bringing your love for your pet into places that should be free of pets.

You love pets, but please consider that not everyone does.

  1. love animals but I hate the fact that I have to play double dutch trying to avoid poop in order to get to my car in the mornings.

    • Wizzy Jr.
    • November 10th, 2008

    Well, we don’t have any pets in my house no more. My Mama don’t like cats (plus she’s allergic) and we don’t need another damn dog because of Mama’s allergies and as much as we stay gone.

    I will say THIS though, we used to get complaints about our dog all the time from this woman who’s kids would reak havoc around here. They used to pull up peoples flowers and shit like that and she thought it was cute. Well, my dog would shit in her yard all the time and she even called the cops on us. Now, she has a dog who does the same shit and she’s getting done back to her what she did to us…even though it ain’t OUT yard. Somebody even threw the paper at the dog and smacked the shit outta it with it.


    But I was there the day this woman bought her big ass dog to my Mama’s office one day. At least she had the common sense to bring it on a leash and she wasn’t there that long. She was off and had to take the dog to the vet and stopped by the office to pick up something. She told the boss she was bringing him and she didn’t care.

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