KKK: White Power Meeting being held in the Midsouth

Blackgirlthinking personal thoughts in red

kkk2A KKK meeting is scheduled to take place in the Mid South, November 7, 2008 in Olive Branch, MS (good ole Mississippi, we see hasn’t much changed) The event was to take place at the Whispering Woods Hotel but the reservation has now been canceled by the hotel. Statements from the hotel state that they had no clue that the reservation booked by EURO Group was for a KKK meeting, they had no way of knowing that information. Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center also stated that they do not discriminate against any individual or group of individuals. To read the full statement from Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center click here —> statement

Well known KKK member David Duke stated that the Midsouth was chosen for the meeting because of its convenient location (plus it is in the south where negros were hung, bled and died for many years and cotton still grows plentiful) Duke who describes himself as a white civil rights advocate (I describe him as an overall  ignorant ass) says the conference aims to “issue a clarion call” for a white power movement across the United States.
Olive Branch Police plan to be on standby just in case the situtation turns violent or any other problems occur.

Here is my issue. Why in the hell is it legal to hold a meeting to discuss hate for non-white people, which may include discussion of violent actions. Which may also in turn include recruitment and other plans for nationwide violent activities to be planned and acted upon against African Americans. How is it legal in the year 2008 for the KKK to plan a KKK rally, announce it, book a hotel for the KKK rally and nothing be done about it. Oh well the police will be on standby ||wtf||

Things like this disgust me. If Obama had not won the election I could have closed my eyes and swore we were still in the 1700s.

for the full story from MyFoxMemphis click here

    • young cuntry blac
    • September 1st, 2009

    yo these kkk stuff iz so full of it .THis stuff iz no bac n tha day stuff it iz fact cause it happen 2 me and my white homie comin bac home 2 nashville. HE wuz still a redneck but a good 1 but just because he had me as a buddy and he took up 4 me they beatit him 2 death almost. BUT itwuz GOD usave him.He cant talk or walk but he still no whut had happen and still 2day he is my best friend.IT made me stop and think if i would had got out would i had been here 2 write this.So i dont c color foolz do.but at the end thoes county copz paid and the worst thing about it they all died accept 1 and he iz sick his self.So i feel if u got hate and want change then u r gone stay n tha dark .

    • YifferFox96
    • May 12th, 2009

    Ms. You say black people spread hate. If so then what the fuck is the point of your bulletin? Do something for society you racist fucker and stop BLAMING other people. Nice contradiction in your comment as well. I quote.

    “yifferfox96 when did I blame anything on black people you are an idiot I was just pointing out that blacks cause more hate in this country than any other race”

    So they are the main cause of it? You’re not blaming them at all… In response to your other comment

    “If you have a problem with that pack your shit and your nasty rap and your saggy ass paints (what the fuck) and go back to africa where you can steal and rape all you want. ”

    I am a well educated white student who disdains rap and wears normal cloths. Good job stereotyping me like you do with black people you complete retard. I hope people burn down your house like so seem to be so scared that these “people” will.

    Have a nice day.

    • ms
    • May 11th, 2009

    yifferfox96 when did I blame anything on black people you are an idiot I was just pointing out that blacks cause more hate in this country than any other race. I am glade that I am white and live in a white area that way I dont worry about all you little monkeys out there that steal rape and murder had working people that love this country. If you have a problem with that pack your shit and your nasty rap and your saggy ass paints (what the fuck) and go back to africa where you can steal and rape all you want. If it was not for white cops and white lawmakers this country would be not different than Africa, have you ever been to Africa I have and it is a complete shit hole the whole country and guess what it is ran by yep you guessed it blacks. The only area that was worth a shit was south africa and yes it was still white ran (you can thank me later). Since the man mr Obama took office black crimes have doubled ah big surprise there. Do you know what the funnest part is did you know that Obama cut $85,000,000 from the black college fun to give more to the white colleges and hispanic colleges. hahahaha you wanted change well there you go even he does not believe in his own people ah well he is only 1/2 black. hahaha

    • YifferFox96
    • May 10th, 2009

    btw ms, how old are you? im bet im younger then you but i still think you should grow up and stop blaming all your problems on black people. Seriously man, grow some balls.

    • YifferFox96
    • May 10th, 2009

    Im doing an english assinment about anaylisng images and i chose this one compleatly oblivious to when these events took place. i think that the KKK are fucking sick and there is somthing wrong with their brains. on a side note if anyone knows more about this picture like the date it was taken and where could you please post it. it would be a bigh help!

    • ms
    • May 9th, 2009

    populations with a high % of blacks have a higher crime rate then white areas, if you dont beleive me then just google it. just look up areas with high crime rates and then type in areas with high black population. they are the same areas. it makes me sick. watch the news watch cops look at the prison population mostly black and mexican, big surprise hahaha I think not, but let me guess you are still the poor victs (bull shit) God did the world a favor for what he did to new orleans black cops stealing cds and shoes and jerseys,blacks rapping their own kind and shooting at rescue units trying to help blacks and whites (what the fuck) and you have the nerve to attack the kkk for a meeting at least they love this country more than I can say for the black panthers, this country is not racist anymore there more than enough chances for blacks whites and mexicans and any other race. most of the black and mexican population decide to live off of my paycheck and hard working black paychecks you need to work on your own people before you go downing the kkk you are the problem not the kkk. black populated schools are 30 times more dangerous than white populated schools white areas are safe black areas are dangerous so please stay out of mine so my child can walk up the street without getting shot. LOOK UP THE CRIME RATE I dare you.

    • Dont rally, boycott and riot
    • May 9th, 2009

    ms is angry about something that affected him and thinks his words have sting. You are stupid for even patting yourself on the back for the words you choose. The black panters are doing the same thing that the Klan are doing talking on the IRC channels taking real world plans of action. MS and all the others who troll on the internet debating nonsense can keep doing their job, best believe we will do ours

    • MS
    • April 29th, 2009

    PAIGE you are right it is 2009 and not the 1950s, so can you please tell the rest of your black people that also. I was watching a video of the new black panther party and they were walking all over the usa flag that black and white alike died for, WHY. If you do not like the usa and the government that makes this country better than any other then move. Pleas take a look around the world and just name one successful country that is ran by black people. THERE ARE NONE. They are all shit holes. The crime rate makes me sick, it is crazy how many of your people are in prison. If Obama was white he would not be president, the fact that he was part black made black people think hey maybe now I can get a hand out, wrong. Before the election I went around to see who blacks were voting for, most said Obama so I ask why (they could not tell me anything about him or what views he stood for). This is how people get in the white house and destroy the american way, and yes it is happening thanks. I get a long time ago blacks were slaves, who fucking cares forget it you were not alive urin that time you did not suffer nobody owes you anything. And one more thing please work on your english skills, (you all is going to hell) haha I am not an english major but come on we learned this shit in the 3rd grade, well maybe not I think that day was Martin Luther King day (I Have a Dream) haha shut the fuck up BITCH.

    • PAIGE
    • April 29th, 2009



    • PAIGE
    • April 29th, 2009


  1. atm im on my laptop in my english class and this shit is funny man… LOL

    • White Boy
    • April 26th, 2009

    Hey i run with the confederate flag on my arm i believe wat the
    KKK are doing is rite. The outcasts of life come in and take our jobs and our homes

  2. the terorrists were the white southern confederate people of the south, this white traitors, terorrists declared war on the u.s.a., you scum bags got taught a good lesson, you mess with the u.s.a. and we`ll put a boot in your ass because its the american way

    • MS
    • April 24th, 2009

    What has Oboma done for black people, the only people he has helped was terrorist. It makes me sick that just because he is dark skinned black people voted for him they dont even know what he stands for, most black people thought that they were going to get a hand out, they thought their brother was going to hook them up hahaha. If you dont wear a rag on your head he does not care so you are the suckers. An some of the shit that the NEW BLACK PANTHER GROUP says and preaches is worst then the KKK. I think the KKK can do whatever they want to do, crime is getting way out of hand and the worst places are guess what, heavly populated black or mexican areas. People cant even leave there house anymore without getting mugged by some black or mexican. Keep it up KKK.

  3. It is better to light one cross than to curse the darkies.

  4. @ Bob Brory

    Spoken like a racist lol
    The part of the comment concerning the actual blog was ok because it was relevant to the post. BUT what does Barack Obama have to do with this? I guess that is just something you wanted to get off your chest…oh well

    Anyway I feel that ANY group that encourages hate and hate crimes should not be legally allowed to hold meetings.

  5. I don’t support racism but it’s freedom of speech just like the black panthers kkk has a right to have meetings. Why would kkk have to stop but not the panthers? I think this article is bullshit! Get a job or something obamas not gonna be around forever to mail you a check every month!

    • Austeve
    • March 25th, 2009

    Christ yes!
    Why IS the KKK tolerated!? Why aren’t they mocked and pilloried for being vile and ridiculous!? Why aren’t they sued for looking like that!!!? Thinking like that!!?
    Other SUSPECTED terrorist pods are snuffed out pronto because of their insistance on planning to carry out programs of strife, mayhem and death. What’s the difference between them and the pointy-heads apart from the fact that the p-heads get away with it in broad daylight!?

    There’s an idiotic degree of government and public inaction about all such malevolence and evil-spiritedness. So much futile tolerance of bad behaviour. Is that the downside of living in a capitalist democracy?

    Think of how the Phelpses are simply indulged as fringe crackpots when they are, in fact, incandescent with ill-will!
    Remember our mistrust and alarm at the sinister dead-eyed conviction in the grinning face of the moose-chewing Palin woman. What a narrow escape!
    Think of the malignant, sneering attitude of most of the religious denominations towards each other.
    Think of the condoned criminality of the incumbent RC pope in his brocade gowns and ruby slippers, as he forbids the global use of condoms as a preventer of AIDS.

    They’re all criminally-inclined, wrong-headed anti-socialists with hideously snotty outlooks.
    Lobotomise the lot of them or throw them into the sort of slammer they’d really, really like any dissenters to be in!

    • Michelle
    • February 24th, 2009

    I hate the KKK. They are soooo heartless…they have nooo reason to hate Black’s. It’s not the black people’s fault that there skin is black…and the bad things that they did. ughhh soo mean and just idiotic. They shouldnt hate that we have a Black President…they should rejoice cause he sounds like he can do alot for our country….he sounds like he knos what he is doing….i mean he was somthing else in the legal system and he did more for that state in two years then what was done in like 16 years….sooo yeah…

  6. @ TJ
    I hate to tell you to relocate, but you are smack dab in the middle of racist TN. Many people there are still in the pre freedom mindset. They haven’t and refuse to come to the realization that white people are not superior. those days are long gone.

    But with things as bad as you say they have been, you may have to relocate. It is not like the KKK or any of the other racist ppl around you are going to change and make things easier for you.

    • tj
    • November 10th, 2008

    They are still alive and well protected here in west tn. they are political power,on duty officers and terrorizing me with guns. I am with out prejudice and they have murdered my animals for 9 years, sexually assualted my daughter and burned down my house. They are 900 strong they say. They tell me to move. I refuse. they call themselves the knights of c and theres little i can do. Born catholic, family is interracial, intercultural and educated. But Baba has more family connections. any suggestions?

  7. @Rippa: For real. I’m white, but even I have to say give me a fucking break! David Duke and the KKK in general are so fucking ignorant. And what’s so funny is they still think it’s 1950 and they can just do their dirty shit out in public, with no repercussions. Sorry guys, it don’t really work that way anymore. Maybe you should go hold your little “white power” meetings in the woods where you belong. Idiots!

    @BlackGirlThinking: You hit the nail on the head. The Mid and Deep South are both still racist (and backward) as hell. It’s pathetic.

  8. @ Rippa. Well that say that Memphis is convenient to just about everywhere.

    I think they like the Midsouth because so much of it is still racist as hell. Plus they held a kKK rally here a few years back and nobody stopped them, so why not try it again?


    I promise you, these people will come up with all these new terms to describe the same old tired racist ideology they promote.

    I saw on the news where they got kicked out of the Drury Inn, and I laughed my ass off. Muthafuckers got kicked out of the hotel! How you gonna have a conference and get kicked out?


    They said the hotel was receiving death threats so they had to give David Duke and them the boot.

    And why are these clowns intent on having this conference in Memphis TN??

  10. @ the anonymous poster.

    I too believe that gangs only produce violence and strife in our communties. But you never see gangs publicly announcing that they are holding a meeting to talk about hate or violent actions. If they did the police would be all over it. They would shut it down. In no way would it be allowed to knowingly take place.

    • Anonymous
    • November 7th, 2008

    Now if we could disband the Black Panthers, Crips, Bloods, LV, MS13, al Queda, Hammas, Tongs, etc. along with the KKK and the Jeremiah Wright style “preachers”, the world would be a much better place.

    • Wizzy Jr.
    • November 7th, 2008


    Bullshit to the highest level. it’s SICK!!

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