No Comment

Yes I love my children, yes it is my duty to protect them and love them unconditionally. Every parent should feel that unconditional love and duty of protection for their children, however, if put in a situation where they had committed a heinous crime or done something disrespectful or admittedly wrong my answer to the press would be “No comment.”

 I unlike the mother of William Balfour, whose son is a person of interest in the murders of the family members of Jennifer Hudson, would not demand that my son is innocent and that he has an alibi. And I be damned if I would even throw in that the media is freely spewing negativity about my son, but had yet to mention that he got his GED while incarcerated. 

||blank stare||

Whoop de damn doo, your son obtained his GED while incarcerated for robbing innocent people, carjacking and oh let’s not forget that little thing that happened where he attempted to murder someone. Let’s not forget that a seven year old INNOCENT child was savagely murdered along with two adults. Let’s not forget that your son was being held because he may have information about the murders. Let’s not forget that the Hudson family is grieving and their tragedy and grief is being broadcast all over the nation.

Michele Davis-Balfour all you should feel the need to say to any news reporter, talk show host or anyone else requesting information about this crime is “No Comment”.  Your defense of your son is inconsiderate and embarrassing.

If William Balfour is found to have no ties to these murders that would be great news for his family. But to make any kind of comment in your son’s defense while the Hudson family is in mourning is horrid Michele Davis-Balfour…just horrid.

People need to discontinue the excuse making for murderers, racists, pathological liars, child molesters, irresponsible idiots and the other laundry list of misfits. Sure you may love them, and sure you may think they won’t harm a fly, but if that is the case why does their record show differently? Why have they been convicted of similar or in some cases identical crimes if they are harmless?  Why is it that everyone is out to get your precious little baby who has not and would not do anything harmful to anyone (at least that you know of).

When placed in a situation where you only know the half, don’t try to tell the whole because you make yourself look like a fool and most times your precious baby is as wrong as two left shoes.

Just say “No Comment”

    • Wizzy Jr.
    • October 31st, 2008

    Some people just wanna learn the hard way.

  1. Well you know, some black women believe that their “baby” just can’t do no wrong. Actually, this a problem for us culturally. No joke! When it comes to young black males? A black mother will coddle and enable her son more so than she would her daughter.


    Think about how many dudes you know who live at home with their mom’s who have like multiple kids and are barely working. Now, think about how many mothers who would allow their daughter to do the same thing and live up in the house with her in the same situation.


  1. January 12th, 2011

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