I Am NOT Smarter than a 3rd Grader

 Recently I came to a realization; I am NOT smarter than a 3rd grader. Now this realization did not come from watching the show Are You Smarter than A 5th Grader, even though I have watched it from time to time. No this realization came from helping my 3rd grade son with his homework, or at least attempting to help my 3rd grade son with his homework.

Math has always been the big no-no subject for me, but surprisingly Social Studies is now on the list of who, what, ummm I don’t know subjects for me. Who would have thought that 3rd grade Social Studies would have me puzzled and confused? For some odd reason the supposedly simple questions asked on my son’s Social Studies worksheets seem like a foreign language to me; Every time my son needs assistance I have to read, then re-read, then ponder and fumble about 3rd grade questions. I have always considered myself an averagely smart person, but having no clue when it comes to 3rd grade questions concerning colonies, maps and how laws are made, makes me think twice about how smart I really am. Now had it been the 3rd grade math that had me scratching my head for answers, I wouldn’t be too surprised (even though admitting that to myself is quite frightening) but I had issues with math starting in 2nd grade all the way up to college. Sadly I have to admit that the questions given to these 3rd graders make me resort to looking online for answers, pulling out dictionaries and even resorting to hand gestures and drawing figures on scratch paper to try and locate an answer, to no avail, because I still am desolate when it comes to a correct answer.

Which leaves me to believe that all of those years I answered questions with answer C when I was unsure which answers were correct may not have been the best option for me. Even though I was not alone in this answer C business because this guy here who was actually on the show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader says that he also marked C because he was told also that when all else fails, go with Answer C.

If asked, I couldn’t tell you much of anything concerning ancient civilizations, the foundations of our government or its history and don’t dare ask me about any wars…you most definitely wouldn’t get a valid answer. And who in the hell is Patrick Henry; I remember seeing something about him on a worksheet and went “Patrick Who? How did that happen, did I forget it all…how could it be possible to forget everything you learned in the subject of Social Studies except a few things concerning maps and the continents?

I know that I must have known these things at some point of time in my life, but after not having to use it for so many years, my mind dissolved all of that information and any remnants of it, so now my mind is completely devoid of Social Studies and its entities. Lol

I did gain a very valuable lesson from my loss of once held knowledge. “If you don’t use it, you will lose it!”

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