Barack Obama President of the USA, what part of that scares you?

While watching CNN yesterday I saw one of the most heartwarming stories I have seen in quite some time. The story was of Mrs. Ann Nixon Cooper a 106 yr old African American woman who is a proud supporter of Barack Obama. Mrs. Cooper resides in Atlanta and has lived a full life. She has seen many historic events of this country and is now ecstatic that she may live to see the country’s first black president. Cooper Nixon who lived through the Great Depression and the Civil rights movement has early voted, casting her vote for Barack Obama. She stresses to everyone that they should get out and vote. If this centenarian has the will and desire to vote, there should be no reason for anyone else to even pretend to conjure up an excuse. In the words of Mrs. Ann Nixon Cooper, “Get out and vote, vote your choice.”

 To read the full story and view the video from CNN click here —> 106 Yr Old Voter Supports Obama


This story was very inspiring to me, especially since I have been curious as to what will be in store when Barack Obama wins the presidency. I was even more skeptical after an incident that happened while I was at work a week or so ago. 

 I had been excited all morning because I had plans to go to the Obama campaign headquarters on my lunch break and pick up an Obama yard sign and button. Well I did just that and proudly placed the button of the Obama family on my shirt before I could make it to my car. I stopped to grab a bite to eat, dropped off some mail and then headed back to work. About an hour or so later, one of my coworkers came to my office to ask a question and I could feel her staring at me viciously. As I followed her eyes, they weren’t on me, they were on the Obama button that was still on my blouse. She then rubbed her eyes and said that something made her eyes burn, the entire time her eyes were steadily focused on the Obama button. She then took a step back, still rubbing her eyes and staring at the button, and asked me the question she had come to ask in the first place. I answered the question and even during our brief conversation her eyes would dart from me to the button, then away, then back to the button and she would frequently rub them.

After she left my office, I took the button off, not because I felt bad, but because I knew it was against company policy to wear it and the only reason I had it on was because I simply forgot to take it off before I re-entered the building. But I did come away from that situation with a feeling of discontent because this same lady has worked with me very closely for over two years. She has never said any racial remarks as I know of and she has always seemed to be an overall decent person. So why would the mere sight of a Barack Obama button cause her to act like she had just walked into a room filled with tear gas?

If just the sight of an Obama button can cause this kind of reaction, what kind of workplace situations will we have when he becomes President of the United States? Will we have people going postal at work? Will there be animosity towards fellow colleagues just because Obama won? Just how bad could it get, if just the thought of him winning makes certain people cringe and causes their eyes to burn?

The thought that intrigues me the most is this; Would Obama winning cause the white race to feel as if they are losing hold of the control they have held tightly to for decades? Would having a black president to them mean that somehow they are now no longer on top and there may be a glimpse of hope for the many African Americans who have accepted defeat due to being on the bottom for so long?

Why do some people feel so threatened when it comes to having a black president?

  1. @ Ricky Lee. If what a person stands for affects you that much that just the sight of their button makes your eyes burn..Lord forbid what happened to her the night he won.

    • Ricky Lee
    • November 8th, 2008

    I do not think she was rubbing her eyes as a rascist reaction. Maybe she really just does not like Obama. Maybe she does not like what he stands for!?!

  2. I think that the fact that he has all these grand plans and is actually motivating the youth of this country has so many traditional GOPers so terrified.

    I mean, these are the same GOPers that don’t stand for equal pay for women because they should be taking care of the family. The type that doesn’t mind seeing a black man on their favorite sports team, but sloooow down, a black man as their boss? as president?

    There are SO many societal shifts going on right now, some people, instead of being excited for this country’s new direction – take the easy way out, fear.

    This is going to be great though, give it 12 months, and it will seem like everyone voted for Barack (even they voted McCain).

    And as far as assassination – I have a lot of respect for the Secret Service, and I believe if there is an organization that takes something like this almost too personally – it is the Secret Service. They are a proud and very awesome Organization.

    I fear for the average man, whether black, white, hispanic or asian, that them wearing a certain party’s pin might get them in a serious altercation. No one should ever be harmed while voicing their opinion.

  3. I don’t think she was being racist or anti-obama. I think she just didnt know how to approach you about the company policy without coming off as being racist.

    Trust me, this shit is gonna take political correctness to a new height.

  4. I would guess that you won’t get the answer to your question. Those who are afraid won’t say or will probably provide a racist answer. Just my opinion. And I can’t answer that myself because I’m one of many who will vote for Barack Obama.

    • Wizzy Jr.
    • October 23rd, 2008

    The part that scares me? Somebody is gonna try to CAP his ass!!!..and you know I’m telling the truth!

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