You are not a victim, YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM

After seeing this video clip, I wanted to stand up and applaud this judge. We need more judges to hand down the appropriate sentences for the crime committed. In cases like this, where a child molesting monster is on trial, he/she should receive just what this guy received, life in jail.
But the judge saves the majority of his wrath for the child neglecting mother who stands in the courtroom crying and then testifying to God when the molester (her ex boyfriend) was sentenced to life in jail.

The judge turns his attention to her and allows all hell to break loose, he says to her what someone should have said long ago. “You are a bad mother and you are NOT a victim”.

There are many cases in which a parent has no clue that their child is being abused, but if a parent knows, then in my opinion their ass should be tossed in jail just as the molester.

  1. And the nerve of this negro to get upset when they handed him down the life he didn’t deserve it wth

  2. Just daayum. How do women allow their children to be abused and hurt by random men who hurt them? When does she stand up and say the cycle ends here?! I am so happy that baby raper is in jail for the rest of his life — and he is sooooo gonna get what’s coming to him. But I am so happy that judge told the mother what a disgrace she is. The sad part is, she was so busy nodding her head pretending to listen that I bet she didn’t really process what he was saying to her. She is damaged and ruined and there is no fixing her and sad to say, her children face the same fate.

    Thanks for posting this.

  3. I love this blog. Women who are outgoing and are not afraid to speak their minds are awesome. You are my sister, in the true sense of the word.

    Seriously McMillan
    Author, She So Ghetto Blog

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