Obama 08 – The "Race" is on

As election day grows nearer it is evident that more and more outlandishly foolish racist acts will be exhibited. Obama has been called everything from a terrorist, to a monkey to the Atichrist (blank stare at that one) and last but not least “That One” from presidntial candidate John McCain.

The majority of the negativity and ridicule stems from ignorant people who are in fear that they could be living in a country with a black President. The very thought of a black man presiding as President of the US scares them. So instead of looking at Barack Obama’s qualifications and character they attack him from their ignorance. After all, his qualifications speaks for itself, He earned a law degree from Harvard, served as a civil rights lawyer, taught constitutional law, served on the Illinois State Senate for eight years and is also the first African American since Reconstruction (1865-1877) to be elected to the US Senate.  That is quite an impressive resume, and that is only a portion of Obama’s history and qualifications.

However, there is constant anger and mudslinging in the 2008 Presidential race because people are not willing to open their eyes and realize that this country is moving forward. We as a country no longer want to be segregated. The citizens of the USA want CHANGE and that is why many of us have chosen to vote for Barack Obama. We have heard his plan and we believe in the change he speaks of.

It is dreadfully pitiful that in the year 2008 we have people yet so racist that they would hold a stuffed monkey with a Barack Obama sticker on it at a campaign rally. It is just as sad that someone would shout “Kill Him” while Sarah Palin told one pitiful lie after another at a campaign rally in Florida. These  are examples of how off course this country is. How after centuries of struggle and separation, we still have milestones to go before everyone can be on once accord..and sadly that may never happen.

In an effort to give his campaign a boost and redirect it from the negative, angry path it had been on, John McCain has decided to step his game up and predicts that he will whip Obama’s “You Know What” in this week’s final Presidential Debate which will be held October 15, 2008 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY and will be moderated by CBS’s Bob Schieffer.

There is great concern as to how this country will react if come November 4, 2008 Barack Obama is elected President of this country. Will there be rioting? These concerns stem from actions from such individuals who honestly say they would never vote for Obama because his is not white, and from those who post racist blogs, write racist articles, who go to campaign rallies and spew racist venom and from those who sit home quietly hating black people. Will there be a race war if Obama wins, who knows, but the evidence is pretty clear that we will have more people than imaginable who will be ill stricken over having a non-white President.

  1. You know, my friends and I have talked about what is really going to happen – no matter who wins. If there is some illegal/chad type reason that McCain actually does win, I’m scared what black people will do. I already know I’ll be in mourning and packin my bags to move to another country.

    But when Barack does win, it is a lil scary to think how white people will react – but you can’t even think about it. We won’t know until it happens and when Barack is president, everyone will just have to deal.

    The racist ain’t neva goin away, ignorance is alive and well, and Barack will be the President. They’ll just have to be mad and keep it movin.

    • gabrieloneverything
    • October 14th, 2008

    People are dumb. According to scripture the anti-christ will be some smooth talking WHITE EUROPEAN dude. Not a biracial american.

    You should look up this guy called Larry Who on wordpress…

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