I like Rap Music BUT…….

I like rap music BUT can we get some real lyrics, I mean seriously can we get past the grills and 24’s and bust it babies

side note- what sane, GROWN woman is calling herself or allowing herself to be called a bust it baby?

I turn on the radio and I am going to either hear someone talking about how many hos they have or how far their car sits off the ground. That’s all nice and good (well not the hos part) but shouldn’t there be more to it than just beating some body’s head in, having wild sex and buying pricey jewelry? Is that all there is to life for people?

I say all of this to say; I agree when it is said that rap music has a very strong NEGATIVE impact on young people. From their physical appearances to the way they view life, rap music is playing a huge role in what young people feel is reality. It is screwing with their perception of real life. You can see it in the way they talk and the way they walk. They have began to believe that the rapper’s lifestyle or persona is a way of life, not just for the rapper, but for them also. So they take these persona’s into the schools, into their homes and into their everyday lives and they become their own Lil Wayne or Jeezy. They forget that they are Andre or Michael, they become Lil Mike or Dre and suddenly school is nowhere near as important as having enough money to buy you a Cutlass and fill it up with bust it babies. They no longer see the need for education and morals, because now they have a Cutlass sitting on 24’s, their grill is shining and all the hos love them. (hos meaning those young ladies attending school with them)  Why go to school and strive to  make straight A’s when 24’s on your car will get you hos and straight A’s just get you a ribbon at the school award ceremony?

side note- I have seen so many young men ages 14-25 that look like Lil Wayne that it is ridiculous. Dreads here, dreads there, dreads, dreads everywhere.

So now we have a generation of young people who either want to have a bust it baby in their bed or be someone’s bust it baby. We have teenage girls who think they aren’t pretty unless they have on a face full of Mac makeup and a Dolce & Gabbana bag, all paid for by their drug dealing boyfriend who drives a Cutlass on 24’s and has too many other bust it babies to count.

These young ladies believe that what they see on television and hear on the radio is reality and that it is most definitely the reality that they want for themselves. For them being a bust it baby is a good thing, being his main bitch is a great accomplishment and showing ALL of your body is what gets you the most material things and material things make you who you are.

Mix the unrealistic perception both the young men and women have and you get destruction. You get young men selling drugs and robbing in order to have the Cutlass on 24’s, the platinum grills and the J’s on their feet. You get young women being promiscuous because sex sells and when you give up the sex he gives up the dough, so you both shine.

Like I said, I like Rap Music but…it really needs to be under construction, not all, but the majority of it does more harm than good.

Now even with the harm that rap music is doing, parents are still held accountable because many of them just don’t give a damn. They too are living the lifestyles that the music speaks of, so they in no way can tell the children differently. Some of these same young ladies who are out having sex and drinking are seeing their mothers aka Mz Bust it Baby doing the exact same thing. A lot of these children are seeing their fathers out hustling and selling dope so hey if its good for dad, then it is A-OK for me. Parents need to be the first people in the “Getting My Shit Together” line. Yes we can say that rap music is destructive, but so is bad behavior from parents, so is parents living violent, illegal lifestyles.

..and we wonder why our children are violent, disobedient and outright acting foolish. With a mixture of rap music and parents who are slacking, these children are becoming exactly what they see, hear and have grown to know.

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    • May 6th, 2010
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    • January 10th, 2010

    mann 4git u

  1. no bad…

  2. I don’t even listen to the regular radio here in memphis anymore. I’ve been finding some good stuff on satellite radio. I cant get with the bullshit thats being marketed. I think there are so many independent labels right now and thats a problem. To compete, they come out with crap just to make a dollar. Rap music was way better when old Jewish white men were gankin negroes for their money.

    P.S. I love that header you have on your page thats tight!

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