Sarah Palin VP Debate (Alaska, Energy, Energy, Alaska)

The polls show that Sarah Palin exceeded expectations last night during the Vice Presidential Debate. This should have been quite easy, being that she only had to show up to do better than she has done lately when it comes to public speaking and interviews.

Palin who began the debate in somewhat of a robotic trance, used her self proclaimed expertise on Alaska and Energy to stand her ground. As a matter of fact, as I sat watching all I remember her saying was Alaska, Energy, Alaska, Energy, Energy, get the picture.

Sarah Palin didn’t seem as rehearsed as I expected she would be after news stations reported that the Vice Presidential candidate had been studying hard for the debate and even practicing with a makeshift podium. She did however overdue the “I’m a normal, US citizen, mother, wife and overall normal person routine.” After a while hearing her consistently answer unrelated questions with the same repetitive answers of Alaska and Energy made the plain folk charm wear off and I began searching for the remote control just to stop the madness.

Polls also show that even though Palin exceeded expectations; you know the expectation that she would fall flat on her face and answer questions foolishly as she has proven so well at doing, her performance did not sway many undecided voters. However, Palin did bring it home for one candidate, not McCain, because she didn’t do him a bit of good last night, no the candidate that she brought it home for was herself. Sarah Palin’s efforts at the Vice Presidential Debate removed some of the negative stereotypes placed upon her in the past few weeks and showed some Palin/McCain supporters and undecided voters that yes Sarah Palin can answer questions with direct answers, and she does not have to answer questions with hilariously unprepared answers. True the answers she provides may be unrelated to the question or may be the same repetitive answers for a broad range of questions, but at least she had answers this time, vague they may have been, but nevertheless they were answers.


  1. Don’t forget Maverick, Maverick, Maverick! If I have to hear her or John McCain say that word one more time, I’m gonna hurt somebody!

    And you’re so right, she didn’t answer anything. It was really clear she came out there with a set of talking points (that she undoubtedly learned this past week at her debate boot camp) and used them, whether they were relevant or not. I thought Biden did a much better job actually answering the questions, addressing the issues and pointing out the facts. All without relying on a bunch of folksy crap and flirtacious winks and grins. She looked like a complete fool up there.

    • goneshiny
    • October 3rd, 2008

    I agree 100% with both the credit she did for herself, how every question got turned into an energy question, and most especially how grating the “I’m normal, just like you” schtick got.

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