FOF Syndrome

Many people, myself included, walk around with what I call FOF Syndrome (Fear of Flying Syndrome). It is defined as a chronic disorder in which fear and disbelief in yourself overcome your pursuance of happiness and the desire or willingness to reach your full capacity therefore destroying any diligence or optimism you may have in capturing your happiness, success and the full manifestation of who you were designed to be.  

Those of us who have or have had FOF Syndrome have a library of dreams built up inside of us. Some of these dreams are so alive that we can see images of them in our minds. We daydream about them, we smile to ourselves as thoughts of our success dance around in our heads, but we never act on these dreams, we let them remain just that..dreams.

Years pass and the dreams/hopes/aspirations remain. The desire to be that “special someone” lingers, but they go unattended.  They need special attention and nurturing, yet we do the exact opposite, we push them back into the corners of our minds unattended, hoping that one day they will bud like a flower all by themselves, without us nurturing them, without us tending to them so that they will flourish…soon they die.

The hesitance to be that “special someone” comes from fear that you aren’t special enough or you just aren’t good enough to be “IT”. After all, how can you of all people be famous, how can you of all people be successful? You create this image of yourself that is built on a foundation of fear, fear of reaching your goals and being that “someone special.” You become afraid to fly.

For most people who suffer from FOF Syndrome it is much safer to remain the way they are; the safe person that they have grown to accept. How can you fail if you don’t walk out on faith and try. If you don’t try you can’t fail and if you don’t fail you can’t disappoint yourself..or can you?

You become a dormant dreamer, one who has big dreams but no desire to fulfill those dreams. Not because you do not have the potential or strength to take hold of the things that you desire, because you maintain the things needed to succeed, but you don’t because you are afraid that you will fail and your efforts will have all been in vain.

In order to conquer the fear of flying you must first accept the fact that if you never try you can never succeed. Success does not just sneak into your life and capture you, you have to capture it. We have to be able to look at ourselves, acknowledge that yes we are afraid and yes we may fail, but which is scarier never trying to succeed or succeeding perfectly at doing absolutely nothing. The latter should be enough to inspire you to make a move towards success, to break down the foundation of fear that we have built years and years upon and create a new foundation on confidence and self love.

Even with our eyes and hearts open to reaching for our destiny we may still fail but we will accept the failure and strive harder at succeeding.

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