Homeless People Arrgh

Scammers ruin it for the real homeless people and by the real homeless people I mean the ones who don’t have homes.raised eyebrows

Quite a few times I have been so upset with a homeless person that I wanted to kick them away from my car, yeah that sounds horrible, but their relentless effort to get money is sometimes overbearing and disturbing.


Just last week I was at Walgreens and a supposedly homeless woman approached me as I closed my car door. She asked for money for her medicine that she so desperately needed or else she would die. No, she didn’t say that she would die, but by the way she glued herself to my car and held out her hand, this must have been some serious meds, and they must have been needed ASAP. So I look over at her and my first thought was that this lady didn’t want money for medicine, she wanted money for a Colt 45 or for a fix, so I decided that I wasn’t going to give her one penntay. I strapped on my seat belt and began to put my car in reverse that is when she began to stumble and stutter for words, reached into her purse and said that she could show me the medicine bottle for her medication. I still didn’t believe that she wanted money for “legitimate drugs” but I decided that I would give her the change I had in my car. As I began picking up the nickels and dimes from the car she changed her whole story and now she needed money for a meal. Those were her words “I need money for a meal, I haven’t eaten in days.” If anyone knows me, they know that a change of story irks me to the 10th power. I seriously dislike for someone to change their story once they have started a fairly believable or unbelievable one. Stick to the first lie, it will get you further with me than changing to a whole new lie plan.

So I look over at her and that is when the kicking away from the car thought came to mind, but instead I handed her the change and she looked like she wanted to say “Heffa is this all, I said I needed a meal not a snack.” But before she could beg for more I backed out of the parking spot and went about my way. Needless to say I was never shown a medicine bottle because there never was one, if so I seriously doubt it was hers. She then scurried to the next car to start her story over again, this time with a little bit more umph, so it would sound more believable. Maybe she would get more money if she cried, who knows, I have had homeless people pull full fledge emotional break downs at my car before because they claimed they hadn’t eaten since they could remember…suuure.

For a long while I discontinued giving homeless people money. It was around 2005 or 2006ish when I made the decision that the majority of the people claiming to be homeless were indeed scammers and only wanted money for drugs or other ridiculous habits and my money enabled them to do these things. Along with the fact that some of them come up with the most ridiculous stories I have ever heard in my life. Some will even put on a dance and song routine for you if you give them money. Smh

After a while I began to feel that I may turn down someone who really needs food all because so many scammers have approached me. I decided that I shouldn’t concentrate so much on what they do with the money once it has gone from my hand to theirs. If my heart says give I would give but if my instincts said don’t give I wouldn’t….my issues with homeless -vs- scammer is no longer the determining factor.

  1. There is no famine in america, food is available – actually food is more available to homeless people than to poor people. Only the over powering motivation of an addiction would lead a person to humiliate themselves by begging. And giving them money would only teach them to continue begging. I tell panhandlers no. When I want to truly help a homeless person, I take the time to get to know the person enough to know what his/her real needs are.

  2. I totally understand. Most homeless people know where they can go to get food and help. Panhandlers are -9 times out of 10- drugies. On one episode of Intervention, this guy was talkin bout how he can make like $300 in like three hours panhandling. He would strait up read his paper and put his help me I’m homeless sign up and people just give.

    I can’t support that. I work too hard for my dollars for somebody to go and sniff, smoke, or shoot it up. I tell them to hit up the shelter.

  3. I hear ya! I’ve bought homeless people McDonalds, Non perishables, and given them my left overs when coming out of restaurants on numerous occasions. So I learned that if they’re really hungry they’ll accept an offer for food. I DO NOT give out cash anymore. I have no problem feeding a person but, you will NOT sceam and scam me for the little duckets that I have.

  4. I like your blog and will be a regular reader, great posts! On a side note I saw your picture and had to do a double take because we look so much a like!

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