Distaste for Obama (the un-racist racists)

I do quite a bit of blog browsing and it is seriously disturbing how much undercover racism there is lurking online. During my blog browsing I came to a very saddening conclusion; for many people a black man just isn’t “right” for the United States Presidency. Not because of his qualifications or lack of qualifications, not because he isn’t well spoken or aware of the country’s issues, but because he is black.  Just this morning I came across at least 8 blogs that were so called political blogs, however all of the posts were strictly entries written to show the author’s distaste for Barack Obama. Now I understand that any person choosing to run for President is going to take some battering and ridicule, but these blogs which are authored by people who openly admit to be on the McCain ticket, are far more than just Republicans who feel that McCain has the right plan for this country, no these people are racists


Of course they are not openly racist; they are what I like to call the “No Not Me Racists”. They will in no way admit to being racist, not now, and probably not ever, but every part of their being dislikes black people. These “No Not Me Racists” will in no way shape, form or fashion support anything configured by a black person or that will somehow uplift black people. They will go above and beyond the call of duty to make their opinions seem “un-racist”.

While reading one blog this morning I was overwhelmed by the urge to comment anonymously just to tell her that her sneaky racist wording was not well hidden. Her use of religion as the “un-racist” backdrop was not working and she like everyone else has the right to their own opinion, but it is quite sad when your main opinion is that he is wrong for this country because he is not white.

Then came the second blog of the morning where I have no proof, but I am pretty sure that the author is someone posing as an African American and posting ridiculous entries. This blog however is in support of Obama, but the grammar and sheer ignorance of the posts scream that it is an entire blog mocking black people.


Then there is an entire website dedicated to Not Voting for Barack Obama, with comments like “We Supply the Antidote for the Obama Kool Aid” along with ridiculous racist cartoons.  This stupidity along with things such as a Fox Television having a graphic during broadcast referring to Michelle Obama as Barack’s baby mama shows just how racist this country is. For those that want to believe that racism is a thing of the past, you need an awakening. There are people in America who would love to see black people back in physical and mental slavery. It would be their ultimate delight to brandish whips again and sail the seas with this time around African (Americans) as the cargo. There are many white people who are not true McCain supporters, but because his only competition is Barack Obama they will vote for McCain just to feel that they are doing their duty by keeping the White House “white”.


The question was posed somewhere that yes it may be true that most white people would never vote black, regardless of the candidate’s qualifications, but how many black people would vote white instead of just “Voting Black.”


My answer- Black people all over the USA vote white all the time. There are many McCain supporters and there were also many Clinton supporters who were African American, so I don’t think racism plays as much a part in the black vote as it does with white people, especially older white people who come from a place in time when white people were seen as superior and that was acceptable and widely believed and a way of life. So for them, that’s how it was and that’s how it is.


Today’s Date- September 29, 2008

Status of Racism- Alive and Kickin’


    • gabrieloneverything
    • October 4th, 2008

    You should look up some stuff by Bonilla-Silva. Good post.

  1. I remember my grandmother swearing up and down that she wasn’t prejudiced against people and their skin color, and yet she said that she didn’t think God wanted races to mix in marriage.

    The absence of hate is not an indication of love.

  2. I can’t help but to get disgusted at the sheer ignorance of some of the stuff I read online in the form of blogs about Obama. I know its easy to conclude that they’re racist, but dammit, people haven’t went the lenghts to bash any other candidate in history. But then again, the interenet has become a major tool in this elections. Could you just imagne the stuff they say to their friends in private?

  3. Who hates America?

  4. I use that mocking tone on purpose. I have used it for years, regardless of who might find it objectionable for that very reason. When I referred to Barack as “uppity” I was calling out the racist Congressman from Georgia who used that term.
    I apologize for being white, I didn’t have a choice in the matter. But anyone who knows me knows I am committed to getting Barack elected. Look, politics is hardball – a lot of people’s feelings get hurt. But, please remember, other countries shed blood when a new leader takes over, all we do is shed tears.

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