Simple things we thought Everybody knew


What is shown in the picture above?

Well when I look at it I immediately say “That’s a turn signal” but I don’t think everyone knows that, even people who have been driving for years seem to not know anything about it or maybe they have just forgotten. Well for those that never learned or for those that have somehow forgotten, the above picture is that of a turn signal. You use it when you are about to make a turn or lane change!


With the fact that using your turn signal is so simple, it makes me wonder why so many drivers neglect to use it. I mean haven’t they seen the frustration it causes on the road when people don’t use the proper signals? Surely they have been in the situation where someone doesn’t use their signal and suddenly the drivers behind them have to slam on their brakes to avoid slamming into the back of their car. Or the times when a driver does not signal that they are making a turn on a street with no turning lane and the drivers behind them have to sit there patiently (or not so patiently) and wait until the driver who chose not to signal their desire to turn has an opportunity to do so, which is usually quite a wait because the street is one with a pretty high volume of traffic. The frustrated drivers behind them sit there as drivers in the next lane zoom by and they are left sitting there for what seems like an eternity, all because someone didn’t use their turn signal. Had they used it, the drivers behind them could have seen the proper signal and switched lanes to avoid having to sit behind them and wait as they took forever to turn.


Personally, and this is just BlackGirlThinking’s opinion, but I feel that the lack of turn signal usage is a major contribution to road rage. I am in no way stating that road rage is acceptable or a justified behavior, but it is in many cases provoked. So people please try your best to use the proper signals when driving, not only will you make your commute and the commute of other drivers a more pleasing one, but you may also help to reduce the amount of enraged drivers on the road. This act in itself could be your contribution to society, and wouldn’t that be a nice little add-on to place with your list of life’s little accomplishments?

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