Over the past month I have read Strawberry Letters (from The Steve Harvey Morning Show. I love the Steve Harvey Morning Show 🙂 read blog entries, read advice columns and been told stories about mistresses and the “issues” they have with foolish wives. The mistresses are upset (can you believe that?) They can’t understand why a man’s wife would be foolish enough to put up with her husband cheating for years and do nothing about it. They have no clue why wives are allowing their husbands to pretend they love them when all along his heart is in the mistress’s hands.

 My short response: Mistress you da fool

 My long response: If a man keeps you (the mistress) as the outside woman instead of making you his one and only woman, that in itself should tell you something about this wonderful man who loves you and hates his wife  rolling eyes

The first thing it should tell you is that  “He’s Just Not That Into You” and if he is that into you, it’s just sexually (I was wrong for that one, but it was too tempting lol 🙂

The first thing a mistress must understand is that when you decide to make the pathetic choice to fool around with someone’s husband you have given up your right to complain about ..Well about anything. You made a conscience decision to be the other woman so as the other woman you should know your role and realize that regardless of what he tells you, he still has a wife and regardless of how less love he tells you he has for his wife he must have a little less love for you because he is still with her.

So in the end, mistress you da fool, because you have dedicated your life to a man who has dedicated his life to someone else, true he may not be faithful to her, but he shows his dedication everyday that he is still married to her. You on the other hand just have a heart full of lies that your “man” has sold you over the years and you have believed each and every one. You have eaten every morsel of untruth that he has fed you and now as the years of being the other woman have rolled by, now you want someone to be angry at. You want someone to place the blame on, you want someone to call out and ridicule, so you choose the wife. You say that she is foolish and that she is living in a world of pretense, but honestly the only one pretending is you and the only one believing the fairytale is you. You made the decision to love a married man, now that his promises of divorces have yet to come you feel hurt and scorned..why? Why feel like you have been done wrong, no one blinded you to the fact that this man was married. No one made you love a man who had vowed to love someone else til death do they part..no one made that decision but you. So guess who betrayed you, guess who shattered your heart, you did. A mistress is her own worst enemy.

  1. often when a pastor falls it is cause he ahs been doing bad things like lusting or counselling divorce.


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