Sperm Donation-Any Ole Joe?

Over the weekend, somehow, some way a conversation that I was having about football swayed to the subject of sperm banks. Now how exactly two people go from talking about football and suddenly end up on the topic of sperm banks I have no idea, nevertheless we were on the subject. So the guy I was talking to said that he had actually considered donating to a sperm bank before but his only reason for doing so was because he was in college and low on cash. He figured he could go donate some sperm just like you would go donate some blood and get a few bucks.

Being that I am not a man and have never contemplated donating sperm, I had no idea whether they paid for the donations or not. But I did believe that you had to be screened or something before they let you donate…don’t you?

Well he said that he was pretty sure they were not qualifications or pre sperm donation screenings that a man would have to perform before he “performed”.

The thought that any and every man that wanted to donate sperm could do so without being screened brought some very heinous and wild thoughts to my mind and got me to thinking about how odd that is, if it is true, that they would let any ole Joe off the streets come in and donate sperm and if they did pay for donations, pay him and let him be on his way.

Another thought that came to mind was that obviously not too many men knew about the money involved, if there is money involved, because I am pretty sure more male college students and other fellows low on cash would be eager to donate if they knew that they would be compensated.

Sperm donation has never really been an issue that has had me curious; honestly I have never given it a second thought, but now with these burning questions (lol) in my head about sperm donation I may have to do a little research.

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