The Utter Foolishness of NOT voting

 I must admit that I have not been as on top of the Presidency campaign as I swore I would be, but I have been taking notes and I have been keeping my eyes and ears open and chanting ! Obama! as much as I possibly can.

I have noticed blogs all over the Internet asking, demanding and some even pleading with Americans to vote. The bloggers are scribing vote, vote all over the Internet and the voting public is chanting vote, vote all over the why are there still people who could care less about voting?

The most popular (I should know better so I could do better and I should be ashamed to even let this utter foolishness come out of my mouth) excuses is:

  • My one vote won’t change anything

The above excuse is not and never has been acceptable. We no longer want to hear that excuse, it is idiotic and unconvincing to those of us who stand for something (so we won’t fall for anything of course) It is just as foolish as saying “My children are too expensive to take care of so I just will stop doing it, plain out those children will have to do without because the little I can do just isn’t enough”. Now didn’t that statement sound like a crock of bullish, well so does the statement “I don’t vote because my vote won’t count anyway.” That is like saying that you really could care less that people fought, bled and died just so you would have the opportunity, the privilege, the chance to hold your head high and cast your ballot. That is utter foolishness.

Whether you have chosen the Democratic Party (yay woot woot lol) or the Rupublican party your vote counts, utilize your voice, your chance to say that you stand for something and that you WILL be heard. Let the buzz, hum or with these new advanced technology voting booths the quiet whir of your vote being cast be your voice. Know that you stood for something, know that you did your part.

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