Palin's a Pig for controversy sake

Isn’t it quite characteristic of Repubs to make something out of nothing and make the big  somethings into nothing. Obama’s comment stating that McCain and running mate Sarah Palin’s mantra for change was “like putting lipstick on a pig” was a comment (a true comment) that has been quickly snatched up by the Republicans and used to force an undeserving apology from Obama. McCain proclaims that the comment was offensive and was directed towards vice president hopeful Sarah Palin

side note- I wonder if McCain thought the phrase was offensive when he used it last year when speaking on a policy proposed by Hilary Clinton?

I guess when you are an issue dodger, (issue dodger: one who dips, dives and scurries quickly past the real issues) any controversy is good controversy and McCain sees this as a way to focus on another Obama attack instead of what us decent Americans want to hear about..the damn issues, you know the economy, poverty, tacking crime..the things that people who want change are demanding to hear about and demanding to receive!

And with all of the many, many important things this country has on its shoulders, here they are in stitches over whether or not Obama made pig references to self proclaimed “hockey mom” . Hell after the Republican Convention I called her more than that, but since I am just little ole me that doesn’t matter now does it lol.

McCain and his camp’s sudden decision to demand change would be hilarious to me, if change wasn’t something that is greatly needed in this country. It is something that WILL make or break us, we cannot continue on as we have, under the same ignorant, I don’t have a lick of sense type of ruler-ship and expect things to get better, they won’t. Everyone in this countries eyes should be open by now. Eight years is long enough for all of us to see that bullshit is bullshit whether it be out in the open or hidden behind closed doors, it still stinks. Let’s get rid of the bullshit we have and not replace it with more.

And in the words of Barack Obama

You can put lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig. You can wrap up an old fish in a piece of paper and call it change. It’s still going to stink after eight years. We’ve had enough

  1. Actually Obama has shown that he CAN’T remain collected amidst these things. He should have made a singular response and let the attack fade away. Instead he not only made an aggressive response but brought it up yet again in his latest speech. That is NOT good politics, especially at the very nasty national level.

    I too hope the issues resurface, but I’m doubting that they will since they’ve been hashed over and over and over, and neither candidate is really willing to speak substantively about HOW they plan to implement the ideas that they’ve mentioned.

  2. Obama has shown that he can remain collected amidst these things. Yet I feel from day one that Palin was only added to cause controversy and grasp the votes of the white women, especially the older more set in their ways ones, who they know would just love to see a “hockey” mom representing them…bullshit

    The attacks against Palin came from everywhere and were to be expected. She is in the spotlight right now and her life has smears that any and just about everybody would point a finger at.

    I just hope that the issues resurface and the bullshit attacks get put to the side

  3. Sadly – for Obama and Biden – Obama’s own supporters set him up for this fall.

    A lot of Obama supporters have been dissecting any statements coming out of the GOP and fishing for racism. Arrogant became uppity – a co-opted term in the first place – and so on, and so on and so on, one invented “coded language” reference after another. This set the stage for similar dissection by the GOP.

    Then a lot of Obama supporters made horrid attacks, smears and libelous statements about Palin and her family. This primed the GOP to defend Palin and counter-attack Obama.

    Notice I said Obama’s supporters, not Obama or his official campaign staff.

    Sometimes I wonder if late at night Obama is staring at the floor and wondering if he can ride the storm he created.

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