Tossed Tootsies


They taunt you and some of them, I  believe even give evil smirks. Tootsie rolls are definitely evil creatures and I am sure that I am not the only one who is beginning to be disgusted by them. It seems as if people LOVE to buy Tootsie Rolls for Halloween, knowing that the damn trick or treaters won’t eat them. I am pretty sure that many trick or treaters toss them along the street as they move along to the next house. My son racked up an estimated 200 tootsie rolls for Halloween (of couse that is an exaggeration, but thats just how many it seems like when you HATE tootsie rolls ) Well he picked over the candy that he wanted and those damn tootsie rolls were left in the bag on the counter. Here it is the third week in November, and the tootsies are still on the counter. To make matters worse, whenever you peep in the bag to see if there is anything worthwhile remaining, the tootsie are so large in number that you cannot see the maybe one or two starbursts left in the bag. (poor Starburst   I know they feel overwhelmed!

Last night before I went to bed, I decided to throw the tootsie rolls away, it is not like my son would miss them, because he doesn’t even eat them. So I go over to the bag of tootsies and just to verify that nothing good was left in the bag, I took a peep and it was as if the tootsies were frowning at me. DAMN TOOTSIES. So I grabbed the bag and before I knew it, I had unwrapped a tootsie roll and bit it. OMG…they were as “not good” as I had remembered.   Why had I even allowed myself to be tricked into eating one? I knew from past experience that tootsies weren’t very good, but I allowed myself to try them AGAIN, I should have known better.

But there is a reason why I don’t like tootsie rolls. I think it stems from years ago when I would eat snacks at work because…hmmm don’t really know why, but I do know that I craved snacks during the day. One of my coworkers offered me candy. So she brings over some tootsie rolls and since this was in my pre-tootsie hating days I ate them. I ate a lot of them. My garbage can at my desk was full of tootsie roll wrappers. Then came the tummy ache and the regret of eating all of those tootsie rolls. The next time I was offered them I declined, and since then even the sight of tootsie rolls makes me uncomfortable. If there is only one, then I am okay, but say for instance someone spreads a bunch of them on the counter….omg…I have to leave before I toss them.  So last night I tossed the tootsies and I feel much better!

  1. Don’t dis the Tootsie Roll. It’s a good candy. Why do you think it stuck around for so long?

  2. Hi Mike..thanks for stopping by fellow tootsie roll despiser. lol

  3. Tootsie rolls are evil and should be banned from grocer’s shelves….or something.


    I noticed you had said hi in the Blogmad shoutbox yesterday…but you were gone before a hi could be said back…so hi there.

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