Rappers…you guys are hilarious!

I love music! I listen to some of everything from  Bobby Womack to Sade to Justin Timberlake to Kelly Clarkson…but of all the music I listen to, RAPPERS crack me up the most. Some of their lyrics are so hilarious that I have to listen to it again, to confirm that they actually said what I thought they said.

Suuuuure there may be a message behind these lyric, but nevertheless it doesn’t stop them from being hilarious!

The following, in my opinion is Hilfreakinlarious!


Lil Wayne-Go DJ

****sidenote-song has not a damn thing to do with a dj

Play me or play wit me then I’m goin find your mother
Niggas wanna eat cuz they aint ate nothin
But niggas wanna leave when you say you out of mustard
So I’ma walk into the restaurant alone, leavin out
Leavin behind just residue and bones
In your residents with Rugers to your dome
Like where the fuck you holdin the coke, holdin your throat, choke


Trina-Pull Over

Dumps in the truck
Thighs like what?
Ain’t nann hoe got more booty in the butt

booty in the butt??? WTH?


Ying Yang Twins (Lil Jon)-Get Low

I done came to the club about 50 11 times now can I play with yo
panty line
club owner said I need to calm down security guard go to sweating
Me now nigga drunk then a motherfucker threaten me now

50 11 Times?


Playa Fly-I-B-N

***sidenote-I love me some Playa Fly

I-B-N to making loot

I-B-N a solo group

I-B-N surpassing or harassing playahation troops

okaaaaaaay how are you in a solo GROUP..hmmm


Okay folks, I may add more to this later, but those were just a few that always cracked me up!

  1. LMAO…Nitevision the Ying Yang twins actually got on BET and explained 50/11 times. But it was still funny to me because this explanation was coming from two guys who yell Hannnnnnnnh at each other.

  2. abt wayne- your sidenote was so funny to me b/c i actually like that song, but never noticed that the song has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with a dj!

    abt ying yang twins- i have a friend who says fithy leven (50-11) whenever she wants to exaggerate the number of times a thing happens…so, now when i want to be country funny, i say it too….makes no sense. but, oddly enough, it does.

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